Brugge Rodenbach by Belgomilk BELGIUM
Product Details: #193068 | 1/8 lb

Brewing Great Cheese

The exceptional, complementary flavors in Brugge Rodenbach reflect Belgium’s long history in brewing fine beer and making great cheese.  Since beer and cheese are both grain-based (in fact farmers historically have fed their livestock the same grain they would ferment to create beer) their shared rich and earthy flavor profiles and aromas mingle wonderfully for an ideal pairing.  Savoring cheese with beer is currently a growing, worldwide appreciation, but this practice has been enjoyed on Belgian farms since the Middle Ages.
Master cheesemakers at Brugge Kaas were determined to perfect Belgium’s traditional beer and cheese union in a delicious Brugge offering.  After years of testing and tasting Belgian brews and Brugge cheese preparations, Brugge Rodenbach was unveiled to rave taste-combination reviews.
A young Brugge cheese is soaked in the famous Flemish red Rodenbach ale for at least two weeks, melding the creamy, piquant Brugge flavors with Rodenbach’s delightfully tart, fermented, wild-yeast taste.  It is remarkable how much flavor is absorbed through the rind of the cheese – without becoming overpowering.
For such a beautifully rounded blend of flavors, Brugge Rodenbach is formed in a matching spherical form with a grooved rind that brings traditional wooden beer barrels to mind.
Anyone, not just beer and/or cheese enthusiasts, will delight in Brugge Rodenbach’s seamless convergence of two great old-world flavors.
Application: A conversation starter on any table or tray for sure, firm and sliceable, Brugge Rodenbach will also add deep zest to sandwiches, give burgers new life, shred well for au gratin recipes and is delicious baked in filo dough appetizers.
Pairing: The obvious first choice is Rodenbach Original, but if that is not available amber ale will definitely do the trick.
Atomic Pickle Chips by Farm Ridge Foods PERU
Product Details: #634658 | 12/32 oz

Perfect pairings

Led by a group of passionate culinarians, Farm Ridge Foods has built a reputation for artfully elevating basic foods into upscale, specialty products.
Starting as fresh cucumbers, these “untypickle” pickles are made with a mouthwatering combination of the finest, specially selected herbs and spices to transform each slice into an artisanal Atomic Pickle Chip that explodes on the taste buds with fantastic, tingly flavor.
Great for parties, BBQs, as a side or to add awesome spice to burgers.  Cold beer or ale is a perfect chaser. Join our social networks!
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