Langres by Germain FRANCE
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Four Lakes and One Cheese

Situated in in the Haute-Marne department of the northeastern Champagne-Ardenne region, Langres is known as one of the 50 most beautiful cities of France. Langres’ “blue jewels” (four stunning man-made lakes designed a century ago) are particularly alluring, but are not the only local treasure that defines this stunning area. Fromage de Langres is the prized envoy of the town, first made in the 18th century and granted AOC status in 1991.
Using purely local, whole cow’s milk, Langres cheese is formed in small rounds and continuously brined during a 5 to 6 week maturation period in very humid cellars. The natural orange hue of Fromage de Langres’ charming wrinkled rind is derived from annatto seeds, applied while the cheese ages. Langres is not turned during the aging process, which causes a small topside concavity, called a “fontaine,” delectably exploited when filled with likewise regional sparkling wine.
Langres’ semi-soft interior is just as enchanting as its exterior, with a dense yet supple center that gives way to a surrounding cream-line just below the washed rind. Pungent in aroma and often cited as a less aggressive, slightly saltier Epoisses, Langres’ complex, creamy flavor is lively, distinct and deliciously gratifying. It is its namesake city’s singular cheese.
Application: An outstanding addition to a cheeseboard. If served topped with bubbly, cut a small score in the “fontaine” for the paste to slowly take possession of the sparkling wine. Langres is also delicious alongside salads and goes well with apple and pear.
Pairing: An old world style Pinot Noir from Burgundy will make a perfect pairing. Rather than beer, try a hard apple cider. The sweetness in the apple brings out the complex flavors.
Pear & Hazelnut Fruit Paste 
by Valley Produce Company
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Perfect pairings

Pear & Hazelnut Fruit Pyramids are a product of Australia’s own Valley Produce Company. Each pyramid is made with fresh, local Yarra Valley William pears, peeled, cored, pureed and slow cooked to excellence in small batches with freshly roasted, chopped hazelnuts added for body and flavor. 

Located in the Yarra Valley region of Victoria, Valley Produce Company is one of Australia’s most passionate and respected gourmet food companies. Each award-winning Valley Produce Company Fruit Pyramid contains over one pound of reduced fruit and has a 15-month shelf life. Fruit Pyramids require no refrigeration, even after opening, and will last as long as the date code specifies in ambient temperatures. There are no added colors or flavors and all pyramids are wheat and gluten-free. A soft but firm texture makes Valley Produce Company Fruit Pyramids easy to spread. Join our social networks!
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