Le Gruyère AOC by Mifroma


Product Details: #030771 | 8/7 oz

Switzerland's Greatest

Produced since 1115 in the area surrounding the little village of Gruyère in Western Switzerland, this much-loved cheese is still made in local dairies according to the original traditional recipe. With its distinctive, buttery, caramel flavor, this is one of Switzerland’s greatest cheeses and can be enjoyed “mild” or “mature”.
The character of this superior cheese is due to its specific production methods, which, in accordance with AOC requirements, remain true to the original recipe and follow timehonored techniques. Gruyère AOC is prepared from the finest fresh milk from cows fed on grass during the summer and hay during the winter. The use of any additives is prohibited. After two or three months’ maturation, the Gruyère AOC wheels arrive at the Mifroma caverns from local village dairies. The cheese is then ripened over several months in sandstone caves that benefit from 96% humidity and a constant temperature of 55.4° F. It is in this exceptional environment that Gruyère AOC acquires its succulent character. During the five-month maturation period, the cheese rounds are regularly turned and brushed with salt water. These proven methods, an extended aging process and the great care given to this majestic product confer Gruyère AOC its incomparable flavor.

Applications: A savory end to any meal, this fine cheese lends itself to the preparation of tasty hot dishes and is a key ingredient in authentic Swiss fondue.

Pairing: Riesling is an easy-to-drink, brightly fruity wine that works well with many cheeses. When paired with Gruyere, Riesling brings out the cheese's earthy nuttiness and fruit notes deliciously.
Classic Artisan Breadsticks by Torino ITALY
 Product Details: #050716 | 12/5.3 oz

Perfect pairings

These Artisan Breadsticks have an extremely fine texture; while they exhibit the classic breadstick crunch, they are also light and delicate so that they break into crumbs. The ingredients that make up these breadsticks are characteristic of the Riviera: grain (wheat), corn, olive oil and sea salt.

An Italian cuisine classic, Torino Classic Thin Breadsticks are perfect for pairing with your favorite pasta dish, with dips or enjoying on their own. Made in Italy, these tasty breadsticks are sure to complement a number of your favorite foods.


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