cEWEtie by Mifroma


Product Details: #030745 | 2/2 lb

So Much More Than Cute

cEWEtie, named “Best Swiss-made Sheep Milk Cheese” at the most recent Swiss Cheese Awards, earned its prestigious Blue Ribbon through the incredible patience, fortitude of character, and wide-open imagination of cheese-maker Franz Scheuber.
On the eve of the millennial, Franz stood at the diary industry crossroads created by unprecedented Swiss policy initiatives. He had to choose between attempting survival by continued service to making Switzerland’s most classic cheeses, or take a great leap from the ledge to explore a new world of sheep and goat milk possibilities. cEWEtie divulges the path Franz took and the “Best in Category” win verifies what Franz already knew in his soul, cEWEtie attained every profile marker he worked tirelessly to perfect. This Swiss Cheese Awards recognition also made Franz wish he started concentrating on his newest passion much earlier.
All the thermized, silage free milk used in cEWEtie is from the Lacaune and Ostfriesen sheep kept by only twelve farms within a seven miles radius of Franz’s Fläcke (stain) dairy. The dairy is idyllically located in the historical, culturally rich village of Beromünster in Switzerland’s central Lucerne canton. Unspoiled nature abounds in this rural area, where Beromünster is flanked by two stunning lakes: Sempach and Baldegg, that draw tourists for their quiet beauty and recreational activities. The sumptuous qualities of cEWEtie reflect all the fineness of the region.
Under the dry, smeared rind cEWEtie’s semisoft paste boasts a complex taste of almonds and nuts with a slight sweetness that evokes a true elegance and usurps any pungency. Aged for a minimum of 90 days, each cEWEtie wheel weighs in at an adorable two pounds.

Application: All-around charming on a cheese tray served with nuts (especially almonds), cEWEtie is firm enough to slice for crostini appetizers or to enhance salads with its enjoyable depth. cEWEtie also melts well.

Pairing: Favorites are an Alborino from Spain, or the always reliable Sauvignon Blancs from the Loire. Both enhance the nutty sweetness in the cheese.  For a red, a low tannin variety like Merlot is ideal.
Marcona Almonds by Don Juan SPAIN
 Product Details: #563781 | 1/9.5 LB

      Perfect pairing!

The Marcona almond also referred to as the “Queen of Almonds,” is considered one of the most delectable varieties of almonds in the world. The mild climate and fertile soil of Mediterranean Spain provide perfect growing conditions for the Marcona almond.

Marconas are a variety from the “prunus dulcis var dulcis” sweet almond related to the peach tree and native to the Mediterranean, specifically grown in Valencia, Murcia, and Mallorca. These nutrient rich nuts are high in Oleic acid and Vitamin E making Marcona almonds one of the healthiest snack choices. Offered roasted and salted, fried in olive oil or raw, Marcona almonds are both savory and sweet. 
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