Mature Cheddar by Coombe Castle
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Believed to have been created as early as the 12th century in Somerset, England, this iconic British cheese was named after Cheddar Gorge (in the town of Cheddar), the network of spectacularly formed caves that provided perfect conditions for aging cheese. Cheddar has a long history of loyal fans - with many royals among them. 12th century King Henry II pronounced cheddar to be the best cheese in Britain. 16th century Queen Elizabeth I, and 17th century King Charles I were widely known to favor cheddar which became such a sought gastronomic delight that, as one courtier put it, each cheddar is bespoken before it is even made. Through the centuries cheddar continued to reign in popularity and has become one of the most favorite cheeses in the world today.
Coombe Castle Mature English Cheddar is traditionally made and expertly aged for 12 months. Smoothly textured with a rich, nutty and sharp tang, Coombe Castle Mature Cheddar has a pleasantly long lasting flavor that appeals to a wide range of palates, from children’s to adults’ - including royal palates too. 2014 marks the third time Coombe Castle has won the Queen’s Award for International Trade, recognizing the company’s success in exportation of the United Kingdom’s dairy treasures.
Application: Ideal for snacking, cheddar is the perfect crowd-pleasing table cheese for entertaining. It is great for grilled cheese, burgers, salads and deli sandwiches. Cubed, sliced or shredded - Coombe Castle Mature Cheddar adds wonderful flavor to a range of culinary uses including egg, meat and vegetable dishes, soups and sauces, gourmet pizza, and baked goods.
Pairing: Try a rich Porter beer or a fruit-forward red wine like a Merlot, Barbera D’Asti or a Cru Beaujolais.
Double Devon Cream by Devon Cream Company ENGLAND
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Double Devon™ Cream is most akin to American whipping cream, but thicker, richer and tastier - the most versatile of the Devonshire thick creams. It is scrumptious on anything usually spread with butter, but is especially ideal for traditional English Cream Tea.
Devonshire cream has adorned bread since the 11th century. In the early 19th century, Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford, is said to have unwittingly invented the tradition of English Tea when she sought to squelch her late afternoon “sinking feeling” between the only meals of the day: breakfast and a late dinner. The Duchess sent for tea and baked goods, of course topped with cream. So pleasing was the ritual, Lady Anna later invited friends to join, and the tradition spread throughout England. Today, the Queen of England enjoys a daily Tea at 3:30pm.


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