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Energy Saving Tips For Computers

Implementing energy saving tips is important these days because of excess usage and its impact on the environment, as well as high energy costs. These are important factors, but being energy efficient with your computer can also be beneficial to the machine. When a computer is saving energy, it is also saving the system. This is because, especially in summer months, the heat can lead to a huge amount of problems. The fans in the computer will work overtime to try to cool it and can cause damage. To lower energy usage, energy bills, and to be a little kinder to your computer, here are some tips you will want to apply.

Obviously, computers consume power, but how much they pull depends on the system you have. It will vary depending on what hardware that your system has built inside. Someone who owns a high end computer with the latest hardware will consume much more energy than a computer that uses low end hardware, because low end hardware uses less energy to operate. The high end systems use 250 watts per hour, which amounts to .11 cents for each hour it is turned on. A computer that has a lower end system and is never turned off will cost approximately $96 dollars per year in energy. On the other hand, a high end system (250 watts) will cost $240 per year if never turned off.

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