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41 west 4th street                      
Lansdale,pa 19446
apt a
$955mth plus gas heat &ele

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Holiday Giving Program

Our Holiday Program consists of two different programs where you can assist those in need. Our goal with this program is to offer a hand up not a hand out. Contact: 215-723-5430 x221 or
Thank you from the Keystone Opportunity Center family!
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Agencies Offering Assistance


Gilles Properties supports many local agencies - click here to see the list.

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Tips On Ways to Save Money
  • Most people don’t track what they spend and may not realize when expenses add up to more than their budget can handle. To keep track of what I spend, I put what I think I should spend for the month on transportation, food, entertainment, etc., into envelopes. This helps me avoid buying things I don’t need, and what’s left over goes into saving.
  • Take advantage of discounts and/or incentive programs provided through your employer. For example, the company I work for offers discounted rates for computers, fitness center memberships, movie tickets and passes to summer festivals. Check your corporate intranet or talk to your human resources representative. And don’t forget the best deal of all – investing in your 401(k)!
  • One way to establish a savings discipline is to “save” an amount equal to whatever is spent on nonessential indulgences. Put a matching amount in a cookie jar for expenditures for beer, wine, cigarettes, designer coffee, etc. If you can’t afford to save the matching amount, you can’t afford the $4 super almond low-fat latte. - See more here

Mother Faces Challenges with Faith and a Smile
In 2010, Keyla and her family, husband James and two young sons, were doing fine. Both parents had jobs, they were living in a small apartment and Keyla was pregnant with a third child. They made arrangements to move to a larger apartment, but when they met with the landlord and he found out she was pregnant, he would not let them sign the lease.

Having nowhere to go when their current lease was up, they turned to Keyla's aunt, who lives in a community that limited overnight guests.

They were there for about one month when they had to move out. James needed to be close to his job—he did not have a driver's license at the time and they had only one vehicle. The family then moved into a hotel.

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The mission of Keystone Opportunity Center is to help community members in need by offering a comprehensive array of social services that educate, encourage and empower them to become self sufficient.
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