Branch Valley Fish, Game & Forestry Association, Inc.
Kids Trout Fishing Derby - April 6, 2013

April 6 was the kid's trout fishing derby where kids had first crack at the trout-stocked at the lake.  Great family fun where a good time was had by all!

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Keystone Staff Members Build Relationships through Listening, Caring and Sharing Stories

As we emerge from the winter months and participate in the excitement of spring, it is a great time to think about our plans for the rest of the year. Sharing stories about Keystone’s impact
and client successes is a way to ensure the future of our mission. We have the privilege of working in an environment where our daily activities often have a significant impact on the lives of someone else. 
 Unfortunately, for confidentiality reasons, we are not always able to share these touching stories about how the staff members at Keystone help the client families rise above their challenges 
as they seek guidance and assistance. Listening to our clients’ stories is one way that Keystone staff builds trust and develops relationships.
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Interfaith Hospitality Network Serves the Changing Faces of Homelessness

Because families come in all shapes and sizes, the faces of homeless families continue to shift. Families with children continue to be the fastest-growing population of homeless - 
increased by 37% between 2007-2010 (HUD statistic). Keystone Interfaith Hospitality Network(IHN) Director, Sue Zomberg reported, 
“We've noticed an increase in calls from single fathers on the Keystone community assistance line.”
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Agencies Offering Assistance


Gilles Properties supports many local agencies - click here to see the list.
Kitchen Tips

Some overlooked energy saving tips can be found right in the kitchen with everyday appliances. Since kitchen appliances normally account for about 33% of total household energy bills it is important to make sure you are using them correctly and efficiently.  By using these simple, everyday tips you can help save the planet as well as your wallet!

·         Let your dishes air dry. If your dishwasher doesn’t have an automatic air-dry switch, turn off the control knob after the final rinse and open the door slightly (or better yet hand wash your dishes!)

·         Match the correct size of the pot to the range. This simple but easy tip can help save your family up to $36 dollars annually!

·         Place the faucet lever in the kitchen sink to the cold position. When using a small amount of water placing the lever in the hot position draws hot water even though it may never reach the faucet!

·         Cover liquids and wrap foods stored in the refrigerator. By covering your liquids and foods it will prevent moisture from being released and thus prevent your compressor from working harder causing a higher electric bill.

·         Don’t preheat. When baking, roasting or broiling a dish or cake that will be cooking for an hour or more it isn’t necessary to preheat your oven. Also use a toaster or a convection oven when possible to save on the preheating cost.

Open Hand's Food Drive
May 1 - 17, 2013
The mission of Calvary Church's Open hand Ministry is to provide a link to local agencies who serve people in need through events like food and coat drives.
Summer is quickly approaching, and we recognize this can be a very difficult time for local community pantries and the families who rely on them  The shelves are getting empty and families will be struggling to keep children nourished while they are home from school.  In recognition of this need and to fulfill the mission of Open hand, Calvary will join with Bucks County Opportunity council in a county-wide Adopt-A-Pantry Food Drive in may.
Food will be collected from Wednesday, May 1, to Friday, May 17, and will help stock the Food and Nutrition network pantries in Bucks County for the summertime.  The goal is to collect at least 15,400 meals for families in our community.
Items that are non-perishable and unexpired, such as canned meats, fruit, vegetables and soups, cereals, pastas, rice, benas, peanut butter, jelly and powdered milk, can be placed in the grocery carts around the church until Friday, May 17.  Please help us feed our community through Open Hand's Food Drive.

The mission of Keystone Opportunity Center is to help community members in need by offering a comprehensive array of social services that educate, encourage and empower them to become self sufficient.
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