How Do I Get My Students To Listen To Me? Here are a few ideas on how to improve the situation as well as our latest lessons for teachers and our free monthly resource.
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How Do I Get My Students To Listen To Me?

So you have a class of pleasant, cooperative students? They want to learn but somehow they just don't seem to listen to you? 
Their eyes glaze over, they're staring out the window and you find yourself saying the same instructions over and over. 

Yes, there is hope! Here are a few ideas on how to improve the situation!

  • Have a signal that students are aware of to indicate that you are going to start speaking. It could be turning the light switch on and off or tapping your pen on a glass. Whatever it is, make sure students know what the signal's for and don't start speaking until they have responded to it (by showing they're listening to you!

  • Avoid giving unnecessarily long instructions or explanations. Find other ways to present information such as providing a summary of instructions on a powerpoint that can stay up once you have finished talking. 

  • Ask students to summarize what you have just said. Once they realize that you will do this, they are certain to listen more carefully.

  • When you do talk for a while, finish with a short quiz (and perhaps a small prizeto check and motivate student recall.

  • Continually look for ways to make your teaching interesting and fresh. A joke, something topical that relates to a point will help keep students tuned in. 

  • Critique yourself! Video yourself or ask a colleague to sit in on a class. Are you being long winded? Is your voice monotonous? How can you improve?

  • In some clasom your instructions on the board and are expected to get on with it straight away. This gives more variety to lessons.

  • If they realize that you won't repeat instructions incessantly, they will become better listeners the first time. 

  • And don't be too hard on yourself. We all have off-days when classes don't 'zing'...but follow some of the suggestions above and also ask other teachers for their secrets! Good luck!

There's a strong focus on animals in these lessons, both living and extinct! Our Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson (Coyotes Moving In) looks at the return of some wild animals to urban environments, while if you've ever wondered how scientists detect male from female dinosaur fossils, you can learn how in our new Intermediate Instant Lesson (It's a Boy!) Our free lesson this month looks at a small island ruled by a group of feral cats. (It's Raining Cats And Dogs - Instant Lesson - Pre-Intermediate.)

In a small village in Japan a woman makes scarecrows resembling people from the village who have left or who are deceased.  She places the scarecrows around the a bus stop, in a field or at the now permanently-closed village school.  Students can read about why and how she started to do this. (Scarecrow Town - Elementary Instant Lesson)

We also have lessons on traffic safety (Children Cut Things Closer - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson) and a new anti drug program in the United States for teenagers which begins with them listening to a recording of an emergency call from a distressed parent whose child has just overdosed. (NOPE - Advanced Instant Lesson).

There are also lessons for World No Tobacco Day and resources on punctuation and kitchen vocabulary.

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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:

ScarecrowsScarecrow Town - Elementary Instant Lesson
A tiny village in Japan is full of scarecrows that look like people from the village. Scarecrows, migration, families, apostrophe for possession.
- Coyotes Moving In - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Police caught a coyote in New York, the latest in a series of coyote sightings in the city. Coyotes, wild animals living in cities, sharing information.
- It's A Boy - Intermediate Instant Lesson
A new study may provide a handy way of distinguishing male from female dinosaurs. Active and passive voices, listen and draw game, participles.
- Children Cut Things Closer - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Children may cut things closer than their parents realize when it comes to guessing how far cars are from an intersection. Traffic safety.
- NOPE - Advanced Instant Lesson
A new educational program aims at combating the rising abuse of prescription opioid abuse among young adults.Drug overdoses, teenagers, anti-drug education programs.
Which Character From A Book Are You? - Weekly Warmer - Pre-Intermediate and above
This is a warmer for book week at your school. Constructing questions in present simple tense.
- Punctuation - Question Marks - Anna Grammar Worksheet
A worksheet giving students practice in using '?s'. 
- Biological Bad Luck - Instant Workbook - Upper Intermediate
Information on the latest cancer research. Practise reading comprehension, listening - dictation and grammar - adverbs of reason.
- Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Kitchens.
Featured Lessons
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World No Tobacco Day is May 31. We have resources on prevention of smoking and tobacco use. No smoking

- Smoking In the Movies  - Instant Lesson
Movies showing characters that smoke may influence young children's attitudes towards smoking. Verb + to + infinitive or verb + -ing, 'what would you do?' quiz about lying - Intermediate.

- Brainstorming Debate - Weekly Warmer
An activity to encourage students to debate current issues and to provide them with the steps to achieve this - Intermediate.
Instant LessonFree Lessons
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- It's Raining Cats And Dogs - Instant Lesson 
An army of feral cats rules a remote island in southern Japan. There are six cats for every person in the village. Cats, cat control, collective nouns - 
Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson.
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