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How Do I Get Students To Do Their Homework?

Some teachers don't set any, some set it only occasionally, but you're one of those teachers who sets homework and wants students to do it? Your students, however, don't finish it? How do you encourage them to do it?
Have a look at the following points:

  • Make sure you and your students are aware of the purpose of the homework. (e.g. To practice or reinforce vocabulary or grammar points learnt in class that day.) Pointless homework demotivates students. 
  • Assign homework that relates directly to what has been learnt that day. (Homework works best when it helps students reinforce that day's learning.)
  • Make sure that what you set is time-appropriate and level-appropriate. It shouldn't take longer than a stated time and students shouldn't have to struggle to finish it.
  • Make sure they understand what they have to do.  In class, briefly outline what needs to be done and the purpose of doing it.
  • Make sure you provide feedback on homework marked as soon as possible. If you are assigning it each day, mark it the next day. Recycle the 'homework' language that has been focussed in your next classes. 
  • Assign interesting homework: Some homework tasks can be repetitive but don't use these all the time.  Every so often, give your students something different to keep them stimulated. 
  • Provide incentives for doing homework well. Use homework material in tests or assessment activities.
  • When encouraging cooperative learning, assign homework that encourages students to do it so that they can collaborate the next day.
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Our Featured Lessons are all about mustaches and men's health issues - November is "Movember" for many men. In a number of countries men grow mustaches to raise money and awareness for men's health issues.

Another of our lessons is all about parties - one teenager learned the hard way about using social media to advertise a party when he ended up having to call police to remove guests that had stayed too long. Talk with your students about parties and the dos and don'ts of parties. (Calling "Party Intervention Patrol" - Intermediate Instant Lesson)

There's also a lesson on the very clever coral trout - (Teamwork - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson) and the concept of retiring...everywhere...!  Don't just pick one place to retire to, instead see the world! - (Wanderlust - Advanced Instant Lesson).

We also have a new warmer to help with shopping vocabulary (Silly Story (1) - Weekly Warmer -  Upper Intermediate and above) and another in our series on Vocabulary in the Home  (Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Dining Rooms). 

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Newest resources in the Teachers’ Room include:
- Spider Eyes – Elementary Instant Lesson
Did you know that spiders can live in your stomach and to wear sunglasses near your pet tarantula! Bizarre but true spider stories.
- Just Don't Go There - Pre-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Ebola costumes and Halloween.
- "Air Rage" - Intermediate Instant Lesson
Arguments over leg room and reclining seats are causing plane diversions. Flying, midair arguments, prepositions.
- Teamwork - Upper-Intermediate Instant Lesson
Coral trout pick moray eels to hunt with. Aquarium experiments showed that the trout are choosy in picking the best eel partner for the job.
- Wanderlust - Advanced Instant Lesson
An American couple decided to retire everywhere and anywhere, not restricting retirement to only one place.
- Silly Story (1) - Weekly Warmer -  Upper Intermediate and above
This warmer gets learners chatting! This is a good ice-breaker for the presentation of simple past for the narration of a story and the language of shopping.
- Max Vocabulary Worksheet - Dining Rooms
This vocabulary worksheet looks at the dining room or dining. Another student worksheet in our "homes" series. 
- Hurricane Genders - Instant Workbook
Listen to people talking about a hurricane, write a letter and complete a quiz about hurricane names. Third Conditional, Comprehension, Listening.
Featured Lessons
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November is Movember Month. Check out our featured lessons on men's health and mustaches.
Top ten most mustache-dense countries
In a growing campaign to refer to November as “Movember”, men around the world are being encouraged to grow a mustache for 30 days to raise awareness and funds for prostate and testicular cancer. This warmer encourages discussion and scanning.
The Best Beard Show
More than 250 men met in southwest Germany for the 10th annual world beard and mustache championships. The men were from 15 different countries.
Instant LessonFree Lessons
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- Doll Hospital
Read about one of the last toy hospitals: a doll hospital in Australia is 101 years old. Why have people's attitudes to toys changed, why don't we get them repaired now? What kind of work does the hospital do?  (Favorite toys, doll hospitals, writing a description, do/does for present simple questions, make a choice.)
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