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Too much dithering! Time to send you Update 4.

In this Update: Business Model. • The Croatians Declined (Courteously) • EV Links of Note


Business Model.

  • I've been struggling with where to focus.

    Am I: defining and developing a low volume, end-to-end conversion shop concept to electrify American Muscle, German GTs, or some other desirable platform? Is this goal to create a fun labor time-and-cost-plus-materials business that shares my excitement about bygone auto era(s) meshing neatly with today's technology and a desire for sustainability?

    Or, am I: following my web platform experience to patiently locate and develop a larger-scale opportunity? If economies of scale come to DIY EV propulsion, what is the "driver experience" (in-car apps, controls and displays) business to build here?

    The former seems straightforward: fun hard work. The latter seems more like the fight I've always picked. Maybe (1) leads eventually to (2).

    The simplest thing I could do is run the plan I've had since last April: convert-and-restomod the Fiat 124 Sport Spider that I acquired then. Then try to sell it. Advance and repeat. Nothing like customer revenue as a validation metric.

    Starting many more conversations with a much wider network this week.
  • I've written another business model one-pager since the original Reise Motors doc. But if I could ball it up and huck it into a waiting a trash can, I would solely for the physical satisfaction of doing so. Gah.
  • I could do worse than to radiate the contentment David Benardo of Zelectric Motors appears to feel about his company's mission, via that Facebook Q&A.
  • My last day at Mighty AI is this Friday, Feb 1st. I am taking a few days off to reset all of the uncalibrated equipment, and then diving back in.

The Croatians Declined To Help (Courteously)

  • As mentioned in an earlier update, I got an introduction to the Solutions Group at Rimac Automobili in Zagreb, Croatia. They developed Aston and Jaguar's powertrain replacement  "cassette" programs and are a leading independent supplier of EV stack technology to OEMs. I asked if they had a hardware kit of any kind that I might be able to acquire and experiment with for conversion. Their response:

    "Had you had contacted us a few years ago, I would have slightly better news. At the moment we are in a fortunate position, being that we are overloaded with requests, mainly from established OEM’s, and are simply not able to support every request we get, although I must say, yours is a nice one!

    As you might know we worked on the Jaguar E Type Zero. A lovely project. But unfortunately these type of prototyping/small series project have come to an end for us. We have now secured larger projects that are needed to sustain our company, and our effort is focused on this.

    Maybe one day we will provide electric conversion kits or be able to take on unique projects like yours, but at the moment I am afraid we cannot support you."


EV links of note

  • Anyone on this esteemed list know anything about this fund? It's nice to see there is some thematic support for the space, but that's about all I take away from this discovery.
  • Per Ben Evans at A16Z, I learned more about Android native plans for in-car "infotainment" decks. Sounds fraught with OEM intransigence. But might still be a cool platform for innovation on the driver experience (DX) of an EV conversion dashboard readout.
  • Here is a company that has reverse-engineered a controller unit for Tesla drive units. I'm not above using this tech and Tesla salvageware if a Frankenstein build today helps a slow & steady shamble toward a Botticelli build tomorrow. 
That's it for Update 4. "Reise Motors" may not last much longer as the brand, but it'll remain as the placeholder until this thing gets a little clearer. Mission and Vision evolving, below. Until next time, thanks for joining me on this journey - reply directly (as always) with your feedback. I appreciate it!

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