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I grew up in Sonoma County and now reside in the Monterey Bay Area and San Luis Obispo County. I don't use photo editing software, don't touch up/fix, and don't do any corrections. I grew up watching my dad take photos and wishing I could be like him. Photographing these wonders has become my passion and I'm happy to share it with you.

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The most popular image from Facebook this month was the purple Columbine featured to the right.

June/July 2013

Dear <<First Name>>,

I have spent a lot of time with family in the months of June and July. And, I've been doing a lot of reading about social media and marketing, there is so much to learn. I am thinking of transitioning this newsletter to bimonthly instead of monthly and I've been contemplating a blog with more frequent postings. What do you think? Please send me feedback. I appreciate all of the sharing and viewing that you have done. Your support and encouragement was crucial to me surviving my first year of business. Thank you.

Las Gaviotas, Mexico

We celebrated the end of my busy season (for my career job) with a trip to Las Gaviotas with some good friends. We had a good time taking pictures of the waves, trees, and icons of the landscape of Mexico.

4th of July in Cayucos

Our favorite holidays are 4th of July and Halloween. We love to ride our bikes to the Cayucos parade and then visit the sandcastles afterwards.

Morro Bay Otters

One of our favorite things to do is visit the otters of Morro Bay. Every chance we get, we pop over there to observe their antics. I took pictures several times in June/July, I'm still editing some of them, but this one gives you a tease. I thought this one looked like an otter judges panel.

Squirrel Paradise

The squirrels around the Morro Bay otter viewing area are very demanding. We don't feed them, but they sure think we are going to.

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I've been working on my 2014 calendar and will be releasing it in August for purchase.

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