Great River Road

Memphis Momentum

Thank you to everyone who attended and helped make the 2014 MRPC Annual Meeting in Memphis such a success. The committees made great progress on their work plans and the gathering was both enjoyable and productive. Over 20 speakers highlighted interesting Great River Road topics that we took back to our states and communities. A special thank you to Diana Threadgill and Lee Hinson with Mississippi River Corridor – Tennessee for hosting the meeting.


During the 2014 MRPC Annual Meeting, awards were presented to several MRPC members who have dedicated themselves to the MRPC and its mission.

  • Alma Blair from MRPC-KY named Honorary Member
  • Edith Pfeffer, MRPC-IA, and Jane Regan, MRPC-IA, received the Distinguished Service award
  • MN-MRPC received the Pilot’s Award
  • Dr. Dale Chapman, MRPC-IL, and Lewis and Clark Community College, received the Stewardship Award
  • Greg Pruitt, KY-MRPC, was honored for 26 years of service with MRPC

A Word of Thanks

Thank you to our Executive Committee members for your past and continuing service. The following members were reelected to another term:

  • Pilot – Bob Miller, MRPC-WI
  • Pilot Pro Tem – Karl Samp, MRPC-MN
  • Secretary – Terry McCullough, MRPC-AR
  • Treasurer – Holly Cain, MRPC-IL

Committee Minutes

Get caught up on the work accomplished by the MRPC technical committees.
Find committee minutes from the 2014 Annual Meeting
See some presentations from the MRPC Annual Meeting

Upcoming Dates

Mississippi River Connections Collaborative (includes discussion on Mississippi River Geotourism Initiative): Wednesday, November 5 - Friday, November 7 in Alton, IL.

Board of Directors Teleconference: Friday, December 12 at 9 a.m.

2015 MRPC Semi-Annual Meeting: April 22-24 in St. Cloud, MN.


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