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Hi, Friend! Thank you so much for your interest in becoming part of The Nourishing Home's Inner Circle.

I feel like we're starting some sort of secret club here - LOL! 
But in reality, it kinda is ...

What is The Nourishing Home's "Inner Circle?"

What I'm looking for is a group of reader-subscriber friends who are willing to serve as an advisory board, as well as grassroots-ambassadors.

My goal is to have an Inner Circle of Friends that I can bounce ideas off of in order to make The Nourishing Home even better! In other words, I'd love to have real readers like YOU giving me wise counsel on how I can continue to improve this helpful ministry.

So first, here are the 3 prerequisites for becoming an Inner Circle member:
• Sincere Interest - you want to share your honest opinions (you promise to tell it to me straight - LOL!)
• Active Participation - below is a little about the commitment, it's not a lot, but your active participation will be very helpful in guiding me as I strive to further improve this ministry.
• A Loyal Reader/Subscriber - whether you've been a reader/subscriber of TNH for a week or years, I'm looking for a group of friends who follow the site regularly, so they can better assess what improvements could be made.

If everything above describes you, here's what I'll be asking for your help with ...
• Sharing your honest opinions/feedback via brief surveys and open-ended questions.
• Input on new books - provide input and feedback on new books I write, and/or new products I plan to endorse.
• Helping spread the word - with the release of my new cookbook, I'd love to have a few good friends help out during launch week in January by sharing testimonials and writing a review for Amazon as you feel comfortable (this is not mandatory)

My promise to you ...
• I will not be emailing you in excess – I promise to limit my requests for your input, as I know you're busy, and I respect and appreciate your time!
• You do not have to respond to every request – I understand life is busy! You have a family to care for, and other activities you're juggling. So always put that first. I'd love your opinion, but if you're too busy, or a topic doesn't apply to you, no need to respond. I totally understand. 
• You can opt out at any time. Just send me an email and I'll remove you from this private group. I will not be upset at all, and will love you just the same. :)

So, what do you think? Are you in? Please reply to this email to let me know either way, because I've got you in the group right now. I guess I'm a little over-eager to have you join us! 

But seriously, no pressure! Think it over and pray about it. If you'd like to join my Inner Circle, then please email me back by Sunday, December 14. I'll be sending out a little survey out on Tues, Dec 16 with about 5-8 questions to get to know YOU better.

Thank you so much for your kindness in considering whether to be part of this group! I so appreciate you – no matter what you decide. So again, no pressure! :)

Wishing you and your family a very blessed week! :) Kelly 

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