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A new phase of strengthened
regional commitment
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“With 47 labelled projects and over 200 ministerial and expert fora gathering 20,000 stakeholders since 2012, UfM activities illustrate the strong belief that regional challenges call for regional solutions and that there is no security without development. In this regard, young people are at the heart of the Mediterranean agenda. The general mobilisation of will and resources which the Mediterranean region requires today may well begin with you”
UfM Secretary General Fathallah Sijilmassi
The Annual Report 2016 at a glance
UfM Foreign Affairs Ministers gave strong political impulse to the Union for the Mediterranean by endorsing a new Roadmap for Action.
  The UfM consolidates an action-driven methodology with a common ambition by creating effective links between the policy dimension and its operational translation into concrete projects and initiatives on the ground.
  10 new projects were labelled in 2016. The year concludes with a total of 47 region-wide projects with a budget of €5.3 billion. The tangible positive impact from the first wave of projects is already visible involving over 200,000 beneficiaries in the region, mainly women and young people.
Regional Stability
Promoting Projects with a Regional Impact
Regional Stability
Platform for Dialogue and Cooperation

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