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======== JUNE 2016 ========

Have a look at the 2015 UfM Activity Report

“The work developed in 2015 has produced promising and tangible results, which now need to be amplified to address the pressing challenges of the region.

We must not lose sight of the incredible human, social and economic potential that the Mediterranean area – as it stretches into Africa – represents. This is a major asset in today’s globalised world. Let us take a more ambitious, more proactive approach towards our future in the Mediterranean.”

Extract from the Message of the UfM Secretary General (p.4)
======== DID YOU KNOW? ========
Column Image #1 Column Image #2 Columnn Image #3
Column Image #1 New dynamics for regional cooperation in the Mediterranean

Column Image #1 UfM project to foster youth employability: a key shared priority for the future of the Mediterranean

Column Image #1 From COP21 to COP22: Building a common regional Mediterranean agenda to achieve climate targets

The region itself has a lot of potential. Young generations and students are really eager to see the region in peace so that we can advance even further”
Column Image #1 UfM meeting of international experts on women’s empowerment: still much work to be done in the region

Column Image #1 Coordinated action to improve road safety in the Mediterranean

Column Image #1 Untapping the potential of the blue economy in the Mediterranean region

Column Image #1 UfM launches two regional cooperation projects to promote inclusive investment in the Mediterranean

Coming from different countries and having this intercultural environment in our class was a great experience”
======== ON SCREEN ========
Column Image #1 Check this new animated video and understand the UfM mission and working methodology in 3 minutes

Column Image #1 EU - P. Bergamini on how UfM initiatives contribute to provide solutions to the regional challenges

Column Image #1 JORDAN - Y. Bataineh on the uniqueness of the UfM’s organisational model

======== AGENDA ========
9 July The Mediterranean Concert. Geneva
18-19 July Sustainable Development: MedCOP Climate 2016. Tangier, Morocco
18-20 July Youth Employability: Launch of the UfM-labelled Toolbox Project. Amman, Jordan
8-9 September Sustainable Development: EIB Med Conference (FEMIP). Rabat, Morocco
26-27 September Youth Employability: 3rd UfM Ministerial Meeting on Employment and Labour. Jordan
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======== OUR PRIORITY AREAS ========
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