Protect your investment with these seedling care tips.
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Seedlings Are Fragile!

And although seedlings from our nurseries are packaged and shipped for maximum field performance, the way you protect and handle seedlings can have a huge impact on  your survival. Use the following guidelines to de-risk  your investment, increase survival
rate and get maximum growth.

The results of harmful events are cumulative. Short exposures may seem unimportant, but several harmful events can add up to a significant loss in survival and growth. As harsher climates begin to prevail, the care and handling of your valuable seedlings becomes even more imperative.

Watch an informative video by Reforestation Advisor Paul Jeffreys, PhD, regarding proper seedling handling prior to planting.

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Tips to Help You Maximize Great Results

  1. When picking seedlings up from the nursery, provide cool, shaded conditions for transport and pick them up in late afternoon if possible. Long distance hauling is best done at night to prevent heat buildup from the sun.
  2. Cover seedlings in an open truck or trailer with a tarp but be sure to allow about a foot between tarp and seedlings for ventilation.
  3. Boxes should not be stacked to the point of crushing. Bags/bundles should not be stacked in layers more than two deep without spacers (heat builds up even at low temperatures when seedlings are stored in direct sunlight or without air circulation - especially in sealed bags).
  4. Minimize seedling exposure to extreme temperatures, sunlight and dry air.  Refrigerated storage is ideal.
  5. When cold storage facilities are not available at the planting site, take only as many seedlings to the field as can be planted in one day’s time.
  6. Temperatures inside seedling packages can quickly exceed 50° on sunny days, even when air temperatures are moderate, which can quickly reduce seedling quality. Keep seedlings away from the sun.
  7. Seedlings not planted in the day should be returned to cold storage if possible – if not, they should be covered with a tarp at sunset to protect against freezing.
  8. Make sure roots are visibly moist at all times. However, remember that "sloppy wet" seedlings mold very quickly at warm temperatures.
  9. Do not prune seedling roots.


Good Supervision is the Key to Protecting Your Investment.

If you’re not on site to supervise, here are a few of the things your seedlings might suffer at the hand of careless contractors:
  • Failure to cover seedlings with tarp while transporting
  • Stacked too high or too tightly
  • Left in sun, wind or dry air
  • Failure to keep roots moist or overwatering of roots
  • Stored in a shady spot in the morning but left in the sun when the shade moves as the day progresses
Good, on-site supervision is the best
way to prevent mishandling.
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