Spring is here!   Full of hope, possibilities and new beginnings.  I, for one, couldn't be more psyched about it.  You can feel the freedom and opening that comes with the longer days.   

Spring is the time of the Wood element.  Everything is bursting forth, budding, growing and expanding rapidly. We feel it within ourselves. There is a pulse of new energy and growth within. It is the time of transformation, creativity, change and renewal.  These are the visionaries.   

The Wood element is about new beginnings, rebirth, creativity, vision and leadership. The officials of the Spring and the Wood element are the Liver (yin), responsible for planning, and the Gallbladder (yang), responsible for decision making and judgment.  With patience we draw upon our past experiences as fuel for our new plans and future.

When we tap into our best Wood energy, we are able to see the big picture. This increases our confidence, heightens our control, and feeds our ability to transform vision into reality. To do this effectively, we must be able to discern and strategize without getting stuck by frustration and anger.
Creativity, planning and organizing are at their peak.

Wind is the climate of the Wood element and embodies both vitality and momentum.  A healthy Wood energy will transform frustration into action using flexibility and optimism.  When you see the big picture and start to create a vision, remember to be flexible, adaptable and enthusiastic about challenges.
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You and Wood:

I encourage you to ask these questions of yourself
and invite you to come in and discuss them with me. 

-How do you feel in the springtime?
-Are you frustrated or excited by planning?
-Are you organized?
-Do you have a plan to achieve your dreams? 

Why not make the most out of life and your Spring?  

Contact me and we can get to work on these questions...  

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