Welcome to Fall and the time of the Metal Element
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Autumn is the time of the Metal element.  The earth, it's animals and people naturally start to slow down and turn inward. The weather changes, the trees lose their leaves and we tuck into our homes. Metal is about connection and loss.  As the outer world naturally slows we are given the time and space to examine our values.  This may naturally lead you to reflect on and honor what is important, inspiring, and valuable. While letting go of what no longer serves.    

The power of Metal is balance.  Think the scales of justice.  Metal is also about structure, meaning and clarity. This is a great time to establish order and create a framework for your world.  The dark side of Metal can be perfectionism and trying to achieve it.  As we all know: there is no such thing. The quest for perfection will only lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction. Instead, try to maintain health and  balance.  This is a good time to forgive the imperfections, be appreciative and grateful while not being afraid to experience grief and acknowledge what is behind us or has been lost.   

The Lungs and the Large Intestine are the officials and organs associated with this time of year.  The Lungs take in air through our breath and then integrate the oxygen and other goodies while letting go of what is no longer needed.   The Large Intestine has two main jobs:  getting rid of the crap.  Both literally and figuratively while at the same time reclaiming those last morsels of nutrients before fully getting rid of them.
I've moved! Come visit me at my new office. We can boost your immunity as we head into fall while tuning into the Metal element.
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