Happy Holidays to you and yours!  Please enjoy my newsletter and follow the links to more information.  During this unsettling time in our country and world, it may help to draw on the strength and power of the Water element.  

It is from the Water that we manifest our courage, wisdom and ambition by facing our fears and exploring the dark side of ourselves.  Acupuncture can be an important tool for turning towards these hard truths and coming out stronger.
Winter is the time of the Water element
This the time of year when we naturally slow down, stay inside, quiet down and sleep more. This season is the time to be still, think deeply and build our reserves.  When we take time to learn, to trust and have faith in the unknown we gain strength, wisdom, and courage.  These virtues contribute to a strong will.
If we do not practice and embrace the stillness of this season, fear often arises draining our energy and blocking our ability to access our personal power.
The organs/officials of the Water element are the Kidney and Bladder.  
  • The Kidney is the YIN organ and is The Official who Controls the Waterways, meaning the Kidney's work is to access and store our qi/energy.  The Kidneys also store our ancestral energy.  
  • The Bladder is the YANG organ and is The Official Who Controls the Storage of Water, meaning it holds energy in reserve so it is accessible when needed. When the Bladder meridian is out of balance that can show up emotionally as fear of lack of reserves and feelings of uncertainty.
 Water and You:
I encourage you to ask these questions of yourself and invite your to come in and discuss them with me.
-How do you feel in the winter?
-Has fear stopped you from doing something you want to do?  
If so, does that happen often?
-When have you felt nervous?  Excited?  Anxious?
-Do you appreciate quiet?  Being still?
-What scares your?  How do you feel about the dark?
-What are your ambitions?
Contact me and we can get to work on these questions..In the meantime, please enjoy the links and ideas below.
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