February 2023 e-Newsletter

MN FoodShare March Campaign

Bountiful Basket Food Shelf is excited to participate in this year’s Minnesota FoodShare March Campaign. We hope you will join us!
February 27 - April 9

This grassroots campaign began over 40 years ago to bring awareness to the need of local food shelves and most importantly - to collect food and funds during a time when food shelves’ inventory is at their lowest. This campaign brings together organizations, businesses, faith communities and individuals to support the over 300 food shelves statewide.

Why get involved?

Food insecurity is increasing across Minnesota. According to Second Harvest Heartland food bank, the number of people visiting food shelves is up by 40%. We are also seeing an increase in demand for our services. In December alone, we experienced a 60% increase in services over the previous year. And, with inflation on the rise, not only is the increase in demand for services rising but so are the costs to provide that service.

How can you get involved?

  • Donate Funds: With our buying power, we can stretch your dollars up to 10x! Donate here.

  • Donate Food: View our Current Needs List

  • Host a Food Drive: Food drives are a great way to get the community involved. Now is the time to start planning your March event. Consider engaging your co-workers, congregants, classmates, friends and neighbors.

  • Round Up: Know of a grocery store, restaurant or retail outlet that might want to do a round up in March? Please suggest Bountiful Basket.


Questions? Idea? Contact

New School Snack Program

Bountiful Basket is thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Eastern Carver County schools - providing snacks to children who otherwise don’t have access.

While some children have been identified as missing breakfast, others may simply need something to keep them fueled throughout the day.
These healthy snacks are intended for food insecure students and will allow them to focus on their schoolwork instead of their hungry bellies. This program also takes the pressure off of teachers, social workers and other school personnel to take care of these needs.

All snacks provided will be “Smart Snack Certified” and will be distributed discreetly through school counselors, social workers, etc. Please consider supporting this program through your own snack donations to Bountiful Basket, hosting a “School Snack Food Drive” or simply go online to our Amazon wish list and have some snacks delivered straight to our door!

Current Needs

Each month, we post our “Most Current Needs” on our website. If you are interested in donating food and/or hosting a food drive, please consider items from this list. Of course, we are grateful for any and all items as well. As always, thank you for your support!