April 2023 e-Newsletter

MN FoodShare March Campaign Update

Food Assistance Demand Continues to Rise

Bountiful Basket was highlighted in a recent Star Tribune article that addressed the unprecedented demand that we and other food shelves are seeing right now. Minnesota food shelves seek boost in donations as demand for help rises to record levels (

Article Highlights:

  • “The state recorded a record number of food shelf visits last year, but nonprofits are bracing for even higher numbers as COVID-19 federal aid payments subside”

  • ”Food shelf leaders say the higher cost of living and the end of the pandemic aid - from stimulus checks to eviction moratoriums - have forced more people to turn to food shelves.”

  • ”Across the state, nearly 300 food shelves are fundraising and collecting food during the MN FoodShare Campaign, held each March to combat the lull in generosity that typically follows the holidays.”

As the article describes, we have been experiencing a dramatic increase in demand for services. Over the past three months, we have seen a 60% increase over the prior year in December, up to 70% in January and in February that number jumped to 96% - almost double over the previous year.

We are also preparing for another increase in demand as April marks the end of additional emergency relief support of the SNAP program, previously known as food stamps.
Some of our families will see as much as a two hundred dollar a month reduction in benefits which will greatly impact their budget and ability to access enough food for themselves and their families.

For these reasons, this campaign, which runs through Sunday, April 9, is more important than ever. BONUS - all campaign donations of both food and money will be proportionally matched by MN FoodShare.

Last year during this campaign we raised $14,222 and 12,098 pounds of food!
Just as we doubled the number of individuals served last month - we would also love to double the dollars and pounds of food donated too! Today, we sit at $18,653 and 10,184 pounds of food donated. Thank you everyone who has contributed thus far!

There is still one full week to participate! Please consider a donation, hosting a food/fund drive and/or encouraging others to do the same! If you are part of a group that would like to host a food/fundraiser (civic, faith, book club, neighborhood, school, etc.), and need ideas, please contact With your support, we can keep our shelves full for our neighbors! Thank you!

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A Shopper Comes to our Assistance

Bountiful Basket is not just a food shelf, it’s a community! A community of caring people - volunteers, donors and shoppers alike. Earlier this week, we experienced quite a scare when one of our volunteers fainted, passed out and hit her head. We quickly called 911 and put all attention on our beloved volunteer.

Before the ambulance arrived, we redirected incoming shoppers to give our volunteer the space she needed. One of our shoppers informed us that she was a nurse and asked if she could be of assistance. She quickly sprang into action, calmly asked our volunteer critical questions, checked vitals, and comforted our volunteer. Soon after, the paramedics arrived.
We are happy to report today that our volunteer is just fine!

Why do we tell you this story? During our volunteer orientations, one of the most important things we discuss is that we make no judgments. When someone enters our door, we simply smile and ask how we can help. We walk alongside nurses, teachers, physician assistants, laborers, waitresses, etc. Many, if not most, of the families we work with are hardworking individuals who just need a little help now and then and, when given the opportunity, are the first to give back in whatever way they can!

Thank you for your support and allowing us the opportunity to provide needed food assistance while creating community at the same time.

*To protect client confidentially, identifying details have been changed and stock photos have been used.

SuperShelf Open House Celebration

Save the Date!
Sunday, May 21
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Come see our newly transformed space while enjoying beverages, snacks, raffle prizes and more!

Bring your family and friends to help us celebrate and learn how Bountiful Basket is working hard to combat food insecurity in our community. Free to attend. All are welcome!

More information about SuperShelf to come…

Current Needs

Each month, we post our “Most Current Needs” on our website. If you are interested in donating food and/or hosting a food drive, please consider items from this list. Of course, we are grateful for any and all items as well.

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