Eastern Oregon Presbytery's occasional newsletter.
Volume 2012, Number 2
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Eastern Oregon Presbytery, PC(USA)

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Deadline for 2013 mission grant applications, Sept. 1

Order 2013 Mission Yearbooks of Prayer and Study by Sept. 1

Suggestions sought for 2013 mission activity

Nominating Committee seeks suggestions for terms to start in 2013

Presbyterian Youth Triennium, 2013, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

October Presbytery meeting, program and business item suggestions, please

Summary report from General Assembly

If you have information for the September newsletter
please send it to Pete Wells, Stated Clerk. by September 15
Requests for mission grants for 2013 are due to Rev. Linda Toth by September 1.   Grants will be awarded at the October 26-27 presbytery meeting in Lostine.  Any program receiving 2012 grants that wishes to extend the grant into 2013 must submit a grant application by September 1.

Order 2013 Mission Yearbooks for Prayer and Study before September 1.   The Presbyterian Mission Yearbook for Prayer & Study is the PC(USA)'s daily devotional with 365 inspiring mission stories that come from next door and all across the globe. The stories for the 2013 Mission Yearbook were collected around the theme, "How many loaves have you?" (Mark 6:38).
The presbytery will provide one yearbook for each congregation   Additional copies are $16.95 each if ordered through the presbytery by September 1.  It's like ordering at the individual order price, with free shipping.  To order, go to the presbytery order page and enter the number of Yearbooks you want. If ordering for a church, please include the presbyter-supplied yearbook in the count.   If you name does not appear on the list, please enter name and mailing address at the bottom of the lists.  Delivery is expected in November.  If you have questions, contact Pete Wells
To subscribe to a daily email with that day's mission yearbook message to to this link on the Presbyterian Mission Agency's web site.

Suggestions needed for 2013 presbytery mission activity.   The mission trip to Birmingham was an exciting opportunity, particularly for 15 participants.   Those participants encouraged a mission activity closer to the presbytery in 2013.   If have suggestions for a 2013 mission activity, please contact Linda Toth

Nominating Committee is working to fill presbytery positions for terms January 2013 - December, 2015.
  • Click here for the current directory
  • Please pray for the committee and about accepting if asked to serve.
  • Suggested names may be submitted to Iva Lindsey

Presbyterian Youth Triennium, 2013
  • For High School Youth, entering freshman through graduating seniors
  • July 16-20, 2013, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana
  • Registration cost $469 per person
  • Airfare could run as high as $600 per person
  • Normal split is ⅓ Youth, ⅓ Home Church and ⅓ Presbytery (about $375 each partner)
  • Start identifying youth and fund raising now
  • WE NEED A REGISTRAR, contact Linda Toth for information about what the job requires.

October Presbytery meeting
The first draft agendas for the October Presbytery meeting will be prepared in mid-August for the Presbytery Council to review in September.  If you have suggestions for meeting items or program, please contact Stated Clerk Pete Wells in the next four weeks.

General Assembly, recap in brief
  • Celebrations
    • New Presbyterian Hymnal, Glory to God, to be available from the Presbyterian Publishing Company in the fall of 2013
    • The program to establish 1001 New Worshiping Communities in the next 10 years.
    • Eastern Oregon Presbytery recognized as being among the top ten presbyteries in per capita giving in the categories of total mission giving (3rd at  $38.37 per member), special offerings (9th at $13.11 per member), and other appeals (4th at $12.16 per member).
    • Worship at General Assembly by various preachers based on text from Mark 2: 1-12 and on Sunday in congregations in and surrounding Pittsburgh
    • The service of Teaching Elder Commissioner Roger Harwerth (Immigration Issues committee), Ruling Elder Commissioner Ginger Rembold (Orders and Ministry) and Young Adult Advisory Delegate Hannah Harwerth (Review of Permanent General Assembly Committees). Also the support of General Presbyter Linda Toth and Stated Clerk Pete Wells (parliamentarian for the Pensions, Publishing, and Foundation committee)
    • Celebrated 175 years of Presbyterian Mission with the recognition of 152 mission co-workers and young adult volunteers who have accepted assignments since the previous General Assembly.
  • Changes proposed, awaiting presbytery action
  • Acceptance of a new translation of the Heidelberg Catechism correcting numerous errors in translation from the 1563 German and restoring scriptural citations that were in the original, but not in the translation adopted by the PC(USA).
  • A change to the ordination standards of G-2.0104a to provide that an ordained officer's manner and life should "include repentance of sin and diligent use of the means of grace."
  • Amend Book of Order G-3.0302 to require that all overtures to General Assembly from presbyteries have a concurrence from at least one other presbytery.
  • Amend various sections of the Governance and Discipline chapters of the Book of Order to permit synods to share a Permanent Judicial Commission.
  • Amend Book of Order D-10.0202a to allow an investigation committee to dismiss a case if it finds that no offense has been alleged.
  • Amend the first paragraph of Book of Order section G-0301 to permit ruling elders to be members of presbytery during terms of elected service to the presbytery or its congregations.
  • Amend Book of Order section D-10.0106 regarding administrative leave
  • Amend Book of Order section G-1.0503 to allow discussion and action to approve creating or dissolving a joint congregational witness at a congregational meeting.
  • Amend Book of Order sections regarding disciplinary proceeding against a teaching elder engaged in work outside the bounds of the presbytery.
  • Amend the Book of Order to revise the wording of section G-3.0305 concerning rolls and registers kept by the presbytery stated clerk.
  • Amend the wording of Book of Order section W-4.4002 to require that an ordination, as well as installation, of a teaching elder be at at a time convenient to the presbytery

Look for the next newsletter in late September


Upcoming Events

September 1,  2013
Deadline 2013 Mission Grant Applications

October 26-27
Presbytery Meeting
Lostine, OR

February 16, 2013
Presbytery Mission Meeting
Baker City, OR

April 19-20, 2013
Presbytery Meeting
Pendleton First Presbyterian

July 15-18
Presbyterian Youth Triennium
Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

October 25-26, 2013
Presbytery Meeting
Halfway, Oregon