Diaphragm Valves

We extended our program with a NEW line of Diaphragm Valves from the company SMC. These valves are available in manual and pneumatic operated versions with different flange fittings. Diaphragm Valves are very popular in gas-cabinets.

Pressure Burst Disk

Also very popular is our Pressure Burst Disk. This product prevents the occurrence of overpressure during venting a vacuum chamber. The fully Stainless Steel housing will break as soon as the internal pressure exceeds  0,8 Bar.

Gas-independent Vacuum Sensor

The InstruTech Micro Bee Vacuum Sensor is a gas-independent capacitance vacuum sensor. The Micro Bee is available in Full-Scale versions: 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50, 20 and 1 Torr. The pressure range goes down to 0,05% from Full-Scale.

Large vacuum flanges

Demaco is offering big vacuum flanges for tube diameters up to 700mm. These flanges will be fitted together with chain clamps. For more information about these flanges, seals and clamps you should check this webshop page.

Needle Valve

We added a NEW line of fine adjustable Needle Valves to our Webshop. You can choose between different flow-rates:
- Ultra-fine Flow (0-20 sccm)
- Fine Flow (0-1000 sccm)
- Medium Flow (0-3000 sccm)
Our needle valves are available with various flange fittings.


You will meet the Demaco team at one of the following seminars/shows:
- 9 November during the yearly SPM day in Utrecht (Koningsberger building).
- 10 and 11 November there is the workshop Low Energy Electrons, Lithography Imaging, and Soft Matter at the Science Park Amsterdam (Conference Centre).
- 15 and 16 November at the Precision Fair Veldhoven (NH Conference Centre Koningshof).
- 6 and 7 December during the International Symposium for Reactive Sputter Deposition in Ghent (Conference Centre Het Pand)

Adapter-flanges Swagelok/NPT/VCR

We offer Swagelok gas-fitting adapters to vacuum flanges on this page of our webshop.
If you are looking for NPT fittings to vacuum flanges, you can find these on this page, and for VCR fittings to vacuum flanges please take a look here . If you can't find the adapter flange you are looking for, please send your enquiry to, and we will be in contact with you shortly.
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