The Stars are right, again!
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The Stars begin to align once again.


First things first

A lightning-fast year has gone past since NecronomiCon Providence 2013 – and that revitalization of old essential saltes is now the stuff of dreams and legends. With our apologies for taking so long to send an official notice to you all via email…

A Cyclopean THANK YOU to all for making it the singular success it was. Thank you to the amazing attendees who traveled from all around the globe, thank you to the world’s best guests, speakers, panelists, artists, vendors, etc. who made the event so special, AND to a remarkable set of minions, friends and loved ones who worked so very hard to make this the triumph it was.

We owe you ALL our heart-felt admiration and love.

Of One Who Dreamed

The old gods wake! From pole to pole, that cry
Disquiets midnight in a thousand tongues
Both common & unknown to prophesy
Some cataclysm. Since this world was young,
Its gods have come & gone; their praises sung
In temples or in battle, their rites kept
With incense or with sacrifice fresh-wrung
From writhing flesh. Yet elder powers slept
Beneath our seas. Beyond our stars. Adept
At camouflage, they shaped the waking dreams
Of one whose bleak imagination leapt
To correlate its contents -- into reams
Of warning left behind for all who sense
The stirrings of a darker Providence.

Ann K. Schwader


Next year

The next NecronomiCon Providence will be August 20th to the 23rd, 2015 – coinciding with Lovecraft’s 125th Birthday anniversary - and will have a theme of an International Homecoming, bringing together academics, authors, artists, and Lovecraftian devotees and fans of Weird Fiction of all stripes from around the world. As with last year, we anticipate lots of eldritch events held all month leading up to the conference and festival weekend, in partnership with our various local allies and friends. Expect another intensive immersion into the city central to Lovecraft’s life and literature, filled with scholarly talks, panel discussions, author readings, art shows, film screenings, walking tours, gaming, music and parties, and myriad other stellar events bringing your into the heart of hoary Providence that you’ve all been clamoring for since last year.

We are very happy to hear so many of our previous special guests and attendees are already planning their return pilgrimage, including S.T. Joshi, Laird Barron, Bob Price, Sandy Petersen, and many others. We’re also really proud to announce some new Guests of Honor, including Ramsey Campbell, Stephen Jones, Don Burleson, Leslie Klinger, and our new Poet Laureate for 2015, Ann Schwader! Expect some more big names to come in future announcements. And, of course, plenty of other information to come regarding hotel reservations, ticket sales, etc. – as well as a Call for Abstracts for our second Dr. Henry Armitage Memorial Symposium (the erstwhile Emerging Scholarship Symposium), vendor opportunities, and submission info for our juried Ars Necronomica art show. The stars truly are aligning once again.

Along the way

It’s taken a lot out of us to put together our first ambitious convention, as we now begin to focus on the next one. However, we’re still trying to focus on fostering a general and more tangiable Lovecraftian presence year-round in Providence, with more events - whether ones organized by us or by other dedicated locals.

Several such events are being planned for this week of Lovecraft’s 124th birthday - including on the big day, Wednesday the 20th (Today), at 7pm, actor David Neilsen will be doing a one-man performance of Lovecraft's "The Call of Cthulhu" and Lovecraft scholar Donovan K. Loucks will be giving one of his famed "sitting tours" of Providence. If you’re in the area, please join us! Here’s the event page:

And the tickets page:

Also, on Thursday night, The Providence Public Library will be screening a double-feature of two great HPLHS films, The Call of Cthulhu, and the Whisperer in Darkness:
And finally, Saturday August 23rd, our good friends at the Rhode Island Historical Society are doing two different special events, including a Lovecraft Literary Walk, 11am from the John Brown House on benefit:

and a very special Lovecraft Read-a-thon 7-10pm at the Providence Public Library downtown:

Some final details

We have decided to forgo a Kickstarter campaign for 2015 for our own sanity, and so that we may better focus on planning the best event we possibly can. Believe us, we’ll all be just fine without it. We will be opening up our online merchandise storefront very soon, too. So, no worries about missing out on cool cultist wear. You’ve been forewarned.

Stay tuned for more details as they emerge over the coming months, but expect to see the development of spectacles to rival and out-do all that was witnessed in 2013. NecronomiCon 2015 shall be the greatest assembly of Lovcraftians and devotees of imaginative fiction and art ever witnessed.

Our next email will include further details and fantastic news, including a survey for veteran 2013 and prospective 2015 attendees, and update on the superlative virtual walking tour app, The Call of Lovecraft, being spearheaded by our great friends at WaterFire.

Keep an eye out for this and for regular updates on speakers, guests, events, and many other details.

In the meantime, as always – Keep Dreaming!

-The NecronomiCon Providence Team

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