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From the Desk of Our Executive Director

The Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians is elated to present our new membership website!  Please, log in at today to take full advantage of our new website features and many more to come. We are very excited that Find-A-Vet is fully functional to the public!  Make sure you are up to date to start attracting more reptilian and amphibian clientele.

Ensure that your SPAM filters are set to receive e-mails from to be sure you are up to date on all the new features, ARAV news, and of course, the latest Herp Blerp.  Is there something that you think we missed or should look into for the future?  Please, let me know and we’ll work towards making an indispensable resource for all our members.

Thanks –
Dana Varble, DVM
Executive Director

From the Desk of Your President Elect

As the final finishing reports on ExoticsCon 2015 have been filed, I am busily working on ExoticsCon 2016.  We’ve been having discussions on the many exciting things we want to see happen at the 2016 Portland, Oregon location.  Meeting rooms, conference space, dinners, lunches, coffee and tea are some of the fine details but not all that are being planned.  Watch for our call for papers, coming soon. I am sure you all have great things to contribute and look forward to more first time contributors. This conference will be one to remember!

Sue Horton, DVM
President Elect

A Message from Your Herp Blerpin' Tech Liaison

I can’t wait to tell all of our ARAV members, and non-members the epic news! ARAV Technicians now have an Instagram account. Come find out what our members are up to and encourage your veterinary staff, especially your technicians, nurses and assistants, to follow us.

How do you follow this awesome, new Instagram account?  Glad you asked! 
  1. Search for HerperVetTech
  2. Follow HerperVetTech
  3. When you or your amazing staff members have a photo of a reptile or amphibian, tag us in it @HerperVetTech
  4. Use our hashtags - #ARAVvets #herpervetmed #reptilemedicine
Help us set ourselves firmly into the future of social media and continue our mission of providing state of the art veterinary education to the herpetological profession worldwide.

Your Herp Blerpin’ Tech,
Erica “Air” Mede, CVT

P.S. You can now tag ARAV as a location! Type Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians in to your location button and you can tag our organization. It will show up as Gainesville, Florida, where our office is registered.
Committee Corner

Infectious Disease Committee Update
The Global Ranavirus Reporting System (GRRS) is live!! Please click here to go to the ARAV website for more information.

Education Committee
A huge thank you from the ARAV Education Committee to all who participated in the competition this year.  All of the presentations were fantastic, and made it very difficult to choose for our group of judges. 

The results are as follows:

1st Place:  Amelia Gould on Evaluating the Clinical Effects of Short Duration Ultraviolet B Radiation Exposure in Leopard Geckos
Runner Up:  Bonnie Gatson on the Effects of Parenteral Epinephrine and GV-26 Stimulation on Inhalant Anesthesia Recovery Time in Two Orders of Reptiles

Thank you again to all those who participated.  Start preparing now for the student competition next year in Portland.
Giving Back While You Shop on Amazon

Everyone loves the convenience of Amazon shopping, especially around the holidays! Amazon has a wonderful giving program that allows you to give to ARAV as you shop for your family, friends, or the latest Star Wars movie poster for your collection. When you are using Amazon through your browser you can shop on Amazon Smile which still allows you all the joy of Prime shopping if you’re a member, and will give a portion of your purchase to ARAV.

Click here for more info.

The most important thing to remember is that with Amazon Smile you can have multiple charities and choose which one you want to donate to at that moment (which we know is going to be ARAV!).
Latest and Greatest

Have you been looking for reptile and amphibian medical information in your books and latest Journal of Herpetological Medicine and Surgery but still can’t find what you’re looking for?

Join VetFolio for the latest information. 
Looking for Externship Hosts
The Educational Committee asks that all members who are interested in offering externships to our ARAV students, please contact Colin at

He will send you the information we need to put your clinic up on the website.
Herp Trivia Corner

A massive thank you to AVTCP for providing these questions!  If you are interested in a VTS in Avian and Exotic Companion animals, check out their site at:

1.  Which of the following occurs during the process of diving or when lung pathology is present in reptiles?

A.  Left to right shunting of blood occurs, bypassing the pulmonary circulation
B.  Right to left shunting of blood occurs, bypassing the pulmonary circulation
C.  Left to right shunting of blood occurs, bypassing systemic circulation to the brain and kidneys
D.  Right to left shunting of blood occurs, bypassing systemic circulation to the brain and kidneys

2.  Due to the hinged plastron, which of the following species is generally the most difficult to restrain for a physical examination?

A.  Desert tortoise
B.  Red Eared slider
C.  Box turtle
D.  Radiated tortoise

3.  What is the estimated blood volume for a reptile?

A.  5-10%
B.  5-8%
C.  7-10%
D.  10-12%

Correct Answers:  B, C, B