We felt God's loving hands around us in February.  It was a hard month for all of us.
Haven of Hope Orphanage

March 2, 2018 - Haven of Hope Orphanage Update

Dear <<First Name>>, 

February was a month to celebrate the love of our Lord, our family, friends and loved ones. In February, we experienced the love of the Lord at HOH especially at two particular occasions: 1) the approval of our application for a grant for the HOH Function Hall and 2) for how the Lord provided for the hospitalization costs of Nelvin and Nemar.

To our delight, we received in February the approval letter for the grant we applied for the construction of the HOH Function Hall!  Glory to God! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Now, we have to comply with all the requirements and papers that we need to submit to the foundation involved before the grant is released to us. Please be with us in your prayers that all the necessary papers will be submitted on time before the prices of the construction materials go up. 

Also this month, Nelvin (11) and Nemar (15) were very sick and had to be hospitalized. Nemar was discharged after three days, while Nelvin stayed in the hospital for seven days. He had fever, bloated arms and face, had experienced dizziness and nausea and stomach ache. After several tests, he was diagnosed with having a serious kidney problem. His creatinine was very high at 294; his blood pressure was at 200 over 120.  His hospital bill soared because of the medicines for his kidney condition. The entire HOH family pleaded with the Lord to save Nelvin’s life and heal him. Indeed God heard our prayers.

After seven days in the hospital, Nelvin was discharged, but he was not allowed to go back to school because his face was still bloated and his blood pressure needs to be stabilized. He is still under observation as his blood pressure is higher than normal. We continue to covet your prayers for Nelvin. 

The Lord has once again showered His love towards HOH by bringing Nelvin out of harm’s way and by meeting our needs for his and Nemar’s hospital bills. The way He provided for the large hospital bill was amazing to us!  We praise God for using different instruments and individuals to meet our financial needs. To those who supported us in prayer and finances, PLEASE ACCEPT OUR SINCEREST THANKS FOR WALKING WITH US THROUGH THIS DIFFICULTY. You have been used by the Lord to show His tremendous love to us. 

Classes will end in April. Our graduating students in elementary, high school and college are still very busy with their studies, projects and class requirements. By the grace and love of God, they remain strong and committed to finish well. 

Thank you very much for all your love, support and prayers for the children and staff of Haven of Hope Orphanage. We continue to stay strong in spite of the challenges, knowing that there are people like you who are behind us and are lifting us up in prayer. 

Rejoicing in God’s love,

Josephine L. Pabalate
Executive Director
Haven of Hope Orphanage
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