Angelico Press Newsletter: Summer 2021
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Summer 2021

Hello again, dear friends and supporters of Angelico Press. After one of the busiest months yet, we are grateful to announce a short summer respite at our publishing offices. While things may be a little quieter here these next couple of months, the gears will still be a churning. Preparation for our new autumn releases and a panoply of reprints has already begun. But for now, here are some recently released titles:

medjugorje-complete-foley cover

The definitive guide to one of the most controversial and perplexing series of events to befall the Church in recent memory, Medjugorje Complete: The Definitive Account of the Visions and Visionaries digs deeps into the alleged visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Medjugorje, their origins, and their impact on the Catholic Church. Examining the historical and religious backgrounds of the events, as well as the role played by the secular media, bishops, councils, priests, and political powers, author Donal Foley leaves no stone unturned in quest of the truth.

finance-pierre-de-lauzun cover

As timely a work as ever, Pierre de Lauzun’s Finance, a Christian Perspective is an ethical examination of finance, from its early days in medieval Europe to today’s opaque money markets. Drawing upon his extensive experience in the economic world, de Lauzun never fails to surround and ground his analysis in a deep understanding of Catholic social teaching, directing his arguments tirelessly to the common good.

In a similar vein, R. H. Tawney’s Religion and the Rise of Capitalism is an exciting new reprint from Angelico Press. Returning to the Middle Ages with a measured, historical approach, Tawney shows how developments in the religious sphere, especially the Protestant reformation, impacted the economic realm. As debates over the ethical and social aspects of capitalism rage on, Tawney’s minor classic remains as poignant and pressing now as when first published in 1926.

medieval-people-power cover

Imagine an inquisitive time-traveler arriving at your door, keen to understand how life was lived in 2021. Surely you would show them the doings of everyday people and not those of the Big Tech CEOs. Surprisingly, many actual historical studies end up taking the opposite approach, restricting their reach to the lives of kings and emperors. By contrast, however, Eileen Power’s Medieval People sets before us a delectable serving of lives untouched by fame, painting a vivid picture of the medieval world seen through the daily lives of merchants, travelers, peasants, and monastics.

Concluding our recent series of reprints are two volumes from the incomparable Agnes Repplier. Père Marquette and Mère Marie of the Ursulines tell the stories of two remarkable figures from early colonial Canada, Jacques Marquette and Marie of the Incarnation respectively. With a mastery of both a biographer’s attention to detail and a storyteller’s sense of drama and adventure, Repplier provides the modern reader compelling portraits of these adventurous, yet deeply compassionate, missionaries. Sure to appeal to readers of all ages, these books are a tribute both to the legacies of these two figures and to Repplier’s consummate skill as an essayist.

This selection of titles will have to suffice for this current edition of the newsletter, but in these past two months we have released no fewer than 16 new titles and reprints. Yes, the presses may be quieter for a short while, but they will be clattering away again in September, with books by Scott Paine on angels, Michael Martin on Sophia in exile, Mark Vernon on the Divine Comedy as a guide for the spiritual journey, the first volume of Antoine Arjakovsky’s trilogy on ecumenical metaphysics, and the first volume of a two-volume set on Catholic integralism and the common good. Also Anthony Esolen on the Prologue to the Gospel of John, and several more fascinating volumes from Valentin Tomberg.

Until then…

John Riess
Angelico Press

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