Angelico Press Newsletter: April 2021
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April 2021

Greetings and best wishes once again to our many friends and supporters. This newsletter finds Angelico Press in the midst of one its busiest months in recent memory.

MCKAY Harlem SHadows cover

Considered to be a major impetus for the Harlem Renaissance, Claude McKay’s Harlem Shadows remains as poignant now as when it was first published in 1922. This collection of early poems finds McKay at his most philosophically divided, struggling to balance outrage at racial injustice with the realization that peace-on-earth will never be accomplished by ideologues. These poems are like milestones along McKay’s path to creating his own personal philosophy, one that in the end would lead him to the Catholic Church.

The Breviary of Fire, mentioned briefly in our previous newsletter, is a collection of letters between Mother Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament and Countess Marie de Châteauvieux. Soon to be available for the first time in English, Mother Mectilde’s remarkable gifts of psychological penetration and practical mysticism will be on display for all readers.

A Saint Stronger Than Steel is a collection of letters from French soldiers fighting in the Great War, testifying to the miraculous intercession of Saint Therese of Lisieux. These moving testimonies from young men who experienced firsthand the previously unheard-of horrors of modern warfare give us even further cause to cherish and honor this great woman of spirit, who Pope Pius X called “the greatest saint of modern times.”

Later this month we will have the pleasure of publishing Monsieur Maritain, Meet Miss O’Connor, an imaginary conversation between the surprisingly well-matched pair of Jacques Maritain and Flannery O’Connor. Equipped as he is with in-depth knowledge of both figures, author Joseph Nicolello weaves together for the reader a bracing visionary dialogue of Catholic art and life.

On a different theme altogether, we are in the process of reprinting R. H. Blythe’s four-volume haiku anthology, the first of which will be released later this month. Well known among haiku lovers for years, these volumes paint an expressive picture of the depth and variety of this singular artform.

Thank you once again for taking the time to look ahead with us, and for your continued support. Until next time…

John Riess
Angelico Press

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