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Sophia in Exile

Michael Martin

192 pages
Paper (ISBN 978-1-62138-778-7): $17.95 / £14.50
Cloth (ISBN 978-1-62138-779-4): $26.00 / £20.00
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In his latest work, Sophia in Exile, Michael Martin explores the great themes of Sophiology—among them Creation and creativity, ontology and eschatology, poetic metaphysics and marriage—and calls into question the technocratic assumptions and commitments of the Zeitgeist. Using the tools of philosophy, theology, literary criticism, and autobiography, this probing text opens the sophianic core of the adventure of being fully human.

“Michael Martin is one of the most original voices in contemporary Christian writing. Who else could yoke bee-keeping and the Holy Grail, marriage and Berdyaev, or see sparks of divine wisdom in poets from Robert Herrick to Eleanor Farjeon? He shows us that in our exile from God and his presence in creation we also lose ourselves. But Martin’s regenerative poetic prose offers us new ways to reconnect, through the indwelling of Sophia. This is a stirring call to wake up to the Christian faith in its cosmic dimension: a message we need to hear all the more urgently at this time of environmental crisis.”
 — ALISON MILBANK, author of God and the Gothic

“Michael Martin is one of the few writers—perhaps the pre-eminent writer—who manages to successfully present esoteric thoughts and make sense of invisible spiritual realities. In Sophia in Exile he provides the elements of a Sophianic understanding that combines mystical luminosity with poetic metaphysics with extensive scholarship: in history and philosophy, psychology and myth, narrative and literature. By also documenting little-known thinkers on this theme, he unveils a broader, diverse presence of the Divine. Martin’s enthusiastic faith, integral mind, and straightforward approach opens up a life of enchantment that leaves the reader filled with gleams of God’s glory.”
 — LUCINDA M. VARDEY, author of The Flowering of the Soul

“Michael Martin’s writing is prophetic and apocalyptic. He writes against these denatured times, while at the same time laying bare what is really present, what has always been present, and what will always be present, if we but trust in it: Sophia, the creative Wisdom of God. These essays are life-giving and health-giving, as though from the pen of a Catholic Thoreau. Martin reads and thinks widely and fearlessly, and wastes no words. No doubt because he writes from the heart—from the home place.”
 — JONATHAN GELTNER, translator of Five Great Odes

MICHAEL MARTIN is a philosopher, theologian, poet, musician, and biodynamic farmer. He is the author of The Submerged Reality: Sophiology and the Turn to a Poetic Metaphysics and Meditations in Times of Wonder, among other works, and the editor of Jesus the Imagination: A Journal of Spiritual Revolution.


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