Angelico Press Newsletter: September 2021
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September 2021

After a much-needed summer break, our Fall publishing run is officially in full swing, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring you this selection of new works and classic reprints.

dantes-divine-comedy-vernon cover

As this year marks the 700th anniversary of his death, there really is no better time to revisit Dante Alighieri’s timeless Divine Comedy, and there would be no better guide for the journey than Mark Vernon. Whether you are a first-time reader of Dante’s work, or returning to its pages once again, Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Guide to the Spiritual Journey is the ultimate companion, illuminating the depths of Dante’s thought for the modern reader. Says Susanna Clarke, “This is not just a description of what happens and who we meet, it’s an invitation to read The Divine Comedy as a way to change our own consciousness and embrace a more spacious reality.” High praise indeed.

the-other-world-we-live-in-scott-randall-paine cover

Fresh off the press in our latest pulse of book releases, Scott Randall Paine returns to Angelico Press with The Other World We Live In: A Catholic Vision of Angelic Reality. Here Paine turns his focus to the angelic realms—a vital, yet often overlooked aspect of Catholic theology. When angelic reality is factored into our view of creation and our moral struggles, that view matures and broadens. Paine masterfully presents this reality in this his latest work, and the result is expansive, engaging, and long overdue.

the-figure-of-beatrice-charles-williams cover

First of several new reprints are two by that most-idiosyncratic Inkling, Charles Williams. The Figure of Beatrice and The Descent of the Dove embrace different subjects, but highlight the confluence of expansiveness and unity in Williams’s thought. Continuing our Dante theme, The Figure of Beatrice stands out amid the vast field of Dante scholarship for its uniquely sympathetic enthusiasm and clarity, tracing the way in which the central image of Beatrice, representing transcendent beauty in feminine form, animates Dante’s earlier works.

the-descent-of-the-dove-charles-williams cover
Turning his attention, then, from Dante to Church history, in The Descent of the Dove Williams examines the rich history of Christendom in a unique and imaginative light.
heloise-and-abelard-etienne-gilson cover

Perhaps the most famous romantic tragedy of the Middle Ages—the tale of Heloise and Abelard—has long been renowned for its intense portrayal of the relationships between faith, carnal desire, and the intellectual life. Based upon the actual letters exchanged by the two throughout their lives, Etienne Gilson’s Heloise and Abelard is a sure success both as a scholarly work and an engaging retelling of a classic tale played out simultaneously on the levels of head and heart.

a-newman-synthesis-erich-przywara cover

Last, but certainly not least, of this batch of reprints is Erich Przywara’s A Newman Synthesis, an extensive collection of John Henry Newman’s writings, thoughtfully organized and arranged so as to provide a thorough and accurate reconstitution of his thought. Divided into three stages—covering fallen man’s path to Christianity, his conviction of the truth of Christ and Christianity, and finally the path of redeemed man to the eventual beatific vision—this book mimics the progression of ideas as they were present in Newman’s own mind, its passages flowing together with succinctness and clarity.

sophia in exile cover

These next weeks will see the release of Sophia in Exile by Michael Martin and a collection of essays from Pater Waldstein’s The Josias, entitled Catholic Integralism and the Common Good, Volume 1: Family, City, and State, along with many more reprints and other new books. A head’s up: we have several new works by Valentin Tomberg in the offing, and nearing publication. Stay tuned.

abandoned 1

Addendum: I am neither a “ghost-hunter” nor an “urban explorer,” but I do find abandoned buildings and their sites mysteriously compelling. So I’ve also added some photographs from my summer wanderings along the rustbelts of Pennsylvania and Ohio, which I hope some of you might enjoy.

Until next time…

John Riess
Angelico Press

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