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True Impact Ministries mobilizes and enables ORDINARY people to make an EXTRAORDINARY impact on the lives of people in impoverished and developing
areas of the world.

"...let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth."  
1 John 3:18




We at True Impact Ministries are excited to let you know that in addition to Susie Stewart being an employee with our organization, we now have two more full-time employees!  With the growth of the ministry, through God's providence, we are so grateful for this extra help.  

Kavuma Geofrey is our first Ugandan employee!  We are in the process of starting an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) in Uganda and Jeff is leading our office there.  It is a small office in Mityana for True Impact Uganda (TIU).  Our pastor partners are doing a great job with their ministries, but having an NGO enables us to have a more cohesive ministry there.  The pastor partners will continue on with what they have been doing, and Jeff and the TIU board will check into all that is happening and offer support where needed.  
Jeff is wise, funny, and on-task, with a deep love for children.  He was helping the vulnerable even before True Impact.  Jeff comes highly recommended by a number of both Ugandans and Americans and we are so glad to have him on board.  Thank you, Jeff!

Sarah Elbing has been working part-time with TIM, but was recently switched to full-time.  She is our Sponsorship Coordinator (extraordinaire) and her position continues to expand as she helps with a variety of tasks.  Since Sarah moved to CO last November she has been ready and willing to do whatever she could to help with the ministry, whether she was paid or not.  Sarah is passionate about this ministry, and her enthusiasm for each child is contagious.  Thank you, Sarah!  

Please read Jeff and Sarah's own words below, plus a word from Andy & Susie Stewart on how you can help Sarah.  

"Serving under True Impact Ministries"

Love is the best gift we can give one another. Loving our neighbor as we love ourselves is the greatest commandment from the ten. 1 John 4:7 tells us to love one another for love comes from God and everyone who loves has been born of God. True Impact Ministries work is all about glorifying God through showing love to others in need of it. We were not worthy to be loved by God first, then by His Son who admitted to go through the suffering on the cross just to reconcile God and man. God’s sacrifice and Jesus’ suffering justifies how much they loved and love man.
The same way God and Christ loved us should exactly be the same way we love others in need of love, care, nurturing and also being responsive. Now, taking it from a Godly way to human way, we should show and exhibit greater levels of love to everyone regardless of who they are and this should mainly be to the most vulnerable among the vulnerable -- the children. True Impact Ministries work is to show love, care, and nurture, restore hope and lost glory. With my love and desire to work with and for the children, serving under True Impact Ministries is a dream come true. Reflecting on 1 John 3:18, this has taught me to love more with actions and in truth than in speech and word. How I wish each one of us would borrow a leaf from True Impact Ministries work, I can’t imagine what impact that would make. In Mathew 19:13 it talks of Jesus’ love for the children. What captures my attention is verse 15. When He had placed his hands on them, he went on from there. LET’S ALL PLACE OUR HANDS ON THE CHILDREN AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD………. Always praying for Godly Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding in execution of our work."
~ Kavuma Jeff

Sarah Elbing was introduced to us and to our ministry through a friend of a friend…of a friend…but it couldn’t have been less random!  Sarah has been a HUGE blessing to this organization in countless ways and her intentionality, heart, and focus on the children of our ministry has been so evident.  Sarah initially served as a long-term missionary to Uganda two times with our organization, living at our Hoffman Children’s Home and with Patrick and Eva Walusimbi, serving wherever she could in both locations.  She made an impact!  


We were thrilled when Sarah moved to Colorado from Wisconsin last November to help our ministry and stay in our home for 6 months, observing and learning how the ministry is run.  Sarah held down a restaurant job while volunteering for TIM and was soon hired as our part-time Sponsorship Coordinator while still with the restaurant.  She traveled back to Uganda for a third time staying for three weeks and getting a better idea of how things are run with our ministries in Uganda.  Everything Sarah has done has been a tremendous help and encouragement and she has brought new ideas and needed improvements to our orphan sponsorship program.  


As our organization has grown we have increasingly felt the need for a full-time employee here in Colorado.  Sarah is a natural fit.  We would hire her yesterday if it weren’t for the fact that most of our donated money goes to specific parts of the ministry (i.e. sponsorship, building projects, medical fund, etc).  And that’s where our TIM supporters come in.  


We are asking for sponsors for Sarah to work for True Impact Ministries full-time.  We would like to raise the amount she needs for at least the first year and then spend that year looking more into grant writing and corporate sponsorship.  If you are in a place where you can give so that Sarah has a salary for this year, you can make a one-time or a recurring donation at our website.  


Please go to and click on “Donate”.  There you can designate your tax-deductible gift for Sarah.  


Thank you for being a support to this ministry!  And thank you for considering Sarah’s important role with us!



Andy and Susie Stewart




“Thank you so much for all of the love and dedication you have poured into this ministry in order that we may impact the lives of impoverished and vulnerable children in Uganda.  It’s been a blessing to see how much God is doing through your financial support, prayers, and love for our brothers and sisters across the globe.  I have learned so much about the administrative side of this amazing organization, and have so many more visions and goals for where I feel the Lord may be leading us.  Some goals I have include: Furthering and refining of our Higher Education program, grant writing, improving sponsorship relations, and strategic planning for the future of the ministry.  I used to tell people that one day, I would live in Colorado and do work benefitting Uganda and the children there, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t really think it would actually happen at times!  I’m amazed at the way that God has brought my worlds and passions together and I can’t wait to see what the future may hold for TIM.  God is so good!”

Our Board & Pastor Partners

Left to right:  
Pastor Sam Magumba - Immanuel Children's Home & Hoffman Children's Home
Jeff Kavuma - Director of Operations for True Impact Uganda
Dr. Larry Shoemaker - TIM Board Member
Tanya Koneman - TIM Board Member
Andy Stewart - TIM Board Member
Randy Malsam - TIM Board Member
Susie Stewart - TIM Board Member
Pastor Alex Businge - Salem Children Centre
Pastor Patrick Walusimbi - Maranatha Integrated Schools & children's homes
Thank you for your continued support so that we can continue to help children in need!
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