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"Negotiate & Communicate"
A Day With Allan Parker

4th June 2013 Launceston, Tas 
5th June 2013 Hamilton, Vic
6th June 2013 Adelaide, SA

Grazing Master Class
with Dick Richardson

7th - 9th August 2013
Launceston, Tas

ProNet National Meeting
28th - 30th August 2013
Melbourne, Vic
Invitation Only Event.

Conservation Tillage Refundable Tax Offset

The government is offering a 15% refundable tax offset for the cost of your "eligible" not-till seeder purchased between 1st July 2012 and 30th June 2015. This is part of the government's Clean Energy Future Plan and is designed to encourage the uptake of conservation tillage practices, reduce emissions, increase soil carbon and improve productivity.
An eligible seeder is a no-till seeder that is:
  • a disc/tine hybrid machine with single, double or triple disc arrangements fitted with minimum tillage points to achieve minimum soil disturbance and less than full cut-out (e.g. narrow points, knife points or inverted "T" points)
  • a disc opener with single, double or triple disc blades designed to achieve minimum soil disturbance and less than full cut-out
  • a tine machine fitted with minimum tillage points to achieve minimum soil disturbance and less than full cut-out (e.g. narrow points, knife points or inverted "T" points)
  • a disc/blade hybrid machine with single , double or triple disc arrangements fitted with blades to achieve minimum soil disturbance and less than full cut-out.
To be eligible the seeder must be new. To find out more and see if you are eligible, follow the link below or contact the ProAdvice Geelong office.
Click here to read more or click here to apply for your certificate.
Quarterly Quote
"For every disciplined effort, there are multiple rewards. That's one of life's great arrangements. In fact, it's an extension of the Biblical law that says that if you sow well, you will reap well." Jim Rohn

Changes Affecting Your Employer Clients From 1 July 2013

Employers across Australia will have new superannuation obligations under a range of reforms. From 1 July 2013, they will need to:
  • increase the minimum rate for super guarantee payments on behalf of employees from 9% to 9.25%
  • start making super guarantee payments for employees aged 70 years or older, as the existing upper age limit will be removed

Contact your accountant for further information.

Dear <<First Name>>

Autumn is upon us, which for many of you means sowing or preparing to sow.  Take this opportunity to sow some seeds for your own personal development, so you and your business can reap the rewards in the seasons to come.
To assist you with this, we are very excited to announce some exciting courses for 2013, starting with "Negotiate & Communicate" A Day With Allan Parker.  Allan is a world renowned negotiator and an amazing communicator who we always feel privileged to have presenting to our networks.  We cannot recommend Allan's course more highly, his knowledge is extensive and his topic applicable to every individual.
In March we held the Grazing Master Class with Dick Richardson, in Hamilton, and this was a very successful event, so much so we have planned a second course for Launceston.  Dick is a very experienced Holistic farmer and trainer and this is a terrific course for those wanting to improve their landscape and grazing practices.
Be sure to register early for these courses and keep an eye out for more great training events on our website.

Best wishes,
ProAdvice Team

The Northbound Train: The Power of a common cause

By Clinton Peake

As leaders, do we convey our message clearly?  You can only ever be in three places… on board the train, off the train or standing in front of the train with obvious consequences in each case.
There is an analogy of the northbound train that I came across ten years ago – In this analogy, the train is heavy and takes a long time to get forward inertia.  It has to work exceedingly hard in the early stages for little or no reward.  In this period – many fall off complaining that it is not working, that it is too hard and that the family farm is broken… how many times have we heard these statements?

After a period, the northbound train starts to get more fluid motion, the effort to output equation starts to work in its favour and the inertia of effort already expended corresponds to forward momentum. 
Think about the implications of the northbound train – PURPOSE and DIRECTION.

The moving train conveys a strong sense of momentum, of unstoppable, definite movement in a direction which is clear and unmistakable.  This is our northbound train.  This is the direction we have chosen, and no other.  If you don’t feel that you want to go north, there are other trains you can ride.  But this train is going north and we expect anyone who rides it to commit their energy fully to the journey.”

Any blockages that would have stalled its journey in the early stages are now swept aside, some without even being noticed such is the force of the northbound train.  In our own businesses, are we at the start of the journey, pulling hard out of the station, or are we gaining momentum, still subject to distraction and delay but inevitably pushing to a future where  our goals are achieved? 

Monies In ($ Billion)
  2013 2016 % Increase
Income Tax – Individual. 159.6 199.8 25.2
Income Tax – Company 73.5 84.3 14.7
Income Tax- Other 19.2 25.8 34.4
Total tax 252.3 309.9 22.8
GST 48.3 66.2 37.1
Other Indirect 42.4 39.4 (7.0)
Total Indirect 90.7 105.6 16.4
Other revenue 25.7 22.9 (10.9)
Total 368.7 438.4 18.9
Monies Out      
Health 61.0 71.1 16.5
Education 29.6 33.8 14.2
Welfare 131.7 150.4 14.2
Other 154.0 183.7 19.3
Total 376.3 439.0 16.7
Other payments include payments to the States and interest on Government debt.
 The spending amounts will almost certainly significantly increase, particularly in respect to health (National Disability Scheme) and Education (Gonski reforms) when these measured have been finalized. 
The large projected increase in personal income tax collections almost certainly means tax increases. Recent so called reliable sources suggest a reduction of the 50% capital gains tax discount, further changes regarding superannuation contributions, making superannuation receipts taxable when members have fund balances over $1 million, and the ending of exemption for fringe benefits tax for employees of churches and charities.
Other possible changes to increase revenue are said to be a clamp down on middle class welfare, further tightening of the private health insurance rebate, and reducing the $1000 limit under which goods can be purchased from overseas GST-free.

Watch This Space With The Up Coming Federal Budget

Concessional government loans worth $420 million will help farmers who are being "smashed" by the high Australian dollar and rising production prices, the National Farmers' Federation says.
Treasurer Wayne Swan and Agricultural Minister Joe Ludwig on Saturday announced a federal Farm Finance package, which will provide $60 million in loans for each state and the Northern Territory to help farmers restructure their debts.
Under the two-year scheme, loans of up to $650,000 would be made available as soon as possible to struggling farmers, with the funding to be allocated in the May 14 federal budget.
Farmers' federation Australian vice-president Brent Finlay welcomed the much-needed assistance for farmers, saying while some might not want to access the loans and take on more debt, others would now be able to reinvest in their operations.
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