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Trust, Inc.
Keep your eyes out! Trust, Inc.: Strategies for Building Your Company's Most Important Asset will be published on November 1st. Edited by Barbara Kimmel, Trust, Inc. includes powerful essays by thought leaders like Stephen M. R. Covey & Greg Link, Patricia Aburdene, Amy Lyman, Jim Kouzes & Barry Posner, Lolly Daskal, Bob Whipple, and many others (including us, Bob and Gregg Vanourek). This “handbook on organizational trust” explores “the impact of trust on business success.” See this one-page flyer for the full list of contributors. Available on Amazon in hard cover and Kindle, as well as from other booksellers. A highly recommend addition to your leadership collection.
On October 1, Bob was the guest presenter in a worldwide TweetChat hosted by Lolly Daskal of Lead From Within. The subject was “Unleashing Other Leaders.” These one-hour, rapid-fire sessions have the guest answer ten questions posed by Lolly, with tweets then coming in from around the world and retweets going out to millions of Twitter followers.
Lolly described Bob’s session as “fantastic,” with lots of “passion.” Thanks for hosting us, Lolly, and for your triple crown leadership!


"Bob, your book should be required reading for members of congress and anybody occupying The Oval Office."
Diego Gil, former colleague of Bob’s, in a Facebook comment
I think that the two great strengths of your book are 1) how "accessible" you make the ideas and principles, and 2) the power of the sheer volume of real world examples.  By "accessible," I mean that you make the ideas both easy to understand and easy to make actionable.  When you add the power of the interviews/real world examples, it makes for a book that goes beyond theory and becomes a resource that leaders not only can really use, but will. Bravo, Bob.  Well done. This is a great book.
Joe Calloway, author of Be the Best at What Matters Most 


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Unleash Your Latent Leader
Too many people disempower themselves with comments like “If only they would …“ Or “I’m only a (fill in the blank).” Too many people self-select out of leadership. What if Alice Paul (who fought for women’s rights), or Rosa Parks, or Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or Nelson Mandela, or Mahatma Gandhi said the same? …Continue Reading

Why Is Leadership So Difficult? Paradoxes (and How to Master Them)
After thousands of years and countless words written and spoken about leadership, why is it still so hard to get it right? Perhaps because leadership is rife with paradoxes? A paradox includes two contradictory concepts both of which are true. We recount some of them here. …Continue Reading

The Ten T’s of Trustworthy Leadership
Guest Blog by Barbara Kimmel
#1 Trustworthy leadership – A culture of trust cannot exist with an untrustworthy leader. Trustworthy behavior must start at the top and flow down through every person in an organization.
#2 Transformation –Exceptional execution begins when the CEO and leadership team synthesize a set of values and goals that are shared, accepted, and adopted by all stakeholders. …Continue Reading

High Performance Begins with Shared Values
Managers today have a daunting job. With their downsized staff, often depending on people over whom they have no authority, they are expected to produce better results than last year, all on a reduced budget. How do high-performance organizations achieve their extraordinary results? …Continue Reading

Moral Leadership: Not Just For The Pulpit
Guest Blog by Dr. Daniel Sweeney
Most responsible students of leadership recognize the importance of organizational leadership, strategic leadership, project leadership, and other types of leadership in business organizations. But moral leadership in the workplace? That seems a bit ethereal. …Continue Reading

We’re All Entrepreneurs Now
Guest Blog by Mike Critelli
During my 25-year tenure as a senior business leader, I have seen a remarkable change in the requirements for successful business leadership. Leaders today must adopt more entrepreneurial behaviors and imbed them in their organizations, however large or mature those organizations might be. …Continue Reading

Leading for the Long Term, ASTD Workforce Development Blogs, September 27, 2013
Financial Executives’ Leadership Role in Organizational Alignment, published in Financial Executive, September 2013
The Case For Better Leadership, ColoradoBiz Magazine, September 16, 2013

“The Extraordinary Power of Shared Values,” IMEX Insights, August 19, 2013


 “Alignment : A Powerful Process for Peak Performance , a webcast originally broadcast on September 3, 2013.


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