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Dear PS 124 Families,

We just received word via our Superintendent, Anita Skop, of an incident that occurred near MS 136 this morning. Principal Burrell has requested that we share this information with you as it is a safety concern. 

At approximately 7:30 this morning while on her way to school, a 6th grade student was accosted by a man in a green hoodie and grey sweat pants. According to the 6th grader, the man jumped out of a white van, grabbed her by the upper arm and pulled her towards the van. The girl pulled away and ran into a crowd of people. The man looked around and got back into the van.

This incident happened on 46th Street near 5th avenue. The 6th grade girl did the right thing by alerting an adult who told the principal at MS 136, The principal called in the schools guidance counselor and they questioned the girl about the incident. Her guardians were informed of the incident and the police were called. The police took a report and did a drive through of the area without any luck.

If your child walks to school or home from school by themselves, please tell them to be extremely safe. Here are some tips you can share with them from
  • Stick to well-traveled streets, use the same route every day and avoid shortcuts through wooded areas, parking lots or alleys.
  • Switch direction or cross the street if they thinks someone is following them or if they feel unsafe. Walk toward an open store, restaurant or yell for help.
  • Don't speak to strangers; if a stranger approaches, tell a teacher, a school principal or a trusted adult.
  • Carry backpacks and bags close to their body, not dangling by the straps.
  • Put a wallet in an inside coat or front pants pocket, not a back pocket.
  • Don't wear shoes or clothing that restrict movement.
  • Cross streets only in crosswalks; never enter streets from between parked cars or from behind shrubbery.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Walk -- don't run -- across intersections. A flashing "walk" signal does not mean it's safe to cross.
Please be safe and make sure to email us with any questions.

Jim Newman, President
PS 124 Brooklyn PTA.

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