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The Litter Less Campaign is a joint initiative of the Mars Wrigley Foundation and Foundation for Environmental Education which aims to reduce litter and affect long-term behaviour change among youth around the world.

Litter Less Campaign Newsletter

February 2021
Due to the COVID-19 situation, it has not been easy to carry out our Community Action Days. Therefore, we are excited to share and inspire with some examples of how countries have been able to take action within the COVID-19 guidelines! Here are some highlights from the  Litter Less Campaign during 2020 from the Eco-Schools and Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) programmes. 

We also launched the Trash Hack Campaign last month in collaboration with the UNESCO ASPnet and we believe the campaign is perfect for students and schools involved in the Litter Less Campaign. We're looking forward to lots of engagement and are excited to see what our students will share with us!

We hope you enjoy the read!
The International Litter Less Campaign Team  

Key Results from Litter Less Campaign 2020

Now that Southern Hemisphere countries are finished with the first year of Phase IV, and the Norther Hemisphere countries are in the middle of year two, we have compiled all data from their reports. We are very proud to see that most countries have managed to carry out their Community Action Days, at school or from home, and are finding new ways of engaging their students in litter and waste activities. 
The infographic to the left shows some of the LLC's achievements during 2020, including a reduction by 28% of litter in school yards, an increase in recycling by more than 120%, and a media reach of up to 98.5 million people

Zero-Waste School Programme in the Tibetan Plateau (China)

Bagan Primary School is a rural school located in the Three-River-Source National Park in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, which is the first national park in China. It has an altitude of 4,000 meters and all the 440 students are Tibetan minority. The school integrates traditional culture and off-campus practices into environmental education and adopts the students-oriented approach in various environmental activities. Instead of simply collecting garbage, the school made continuous efforts to reduce waste.

In 2019, the school initiated an anti-plastics campaign in which all students and teachers attended. Each student was requested to carry a cotton bag with himself/herself in school and put all waste they produced into the bag so that they can bring the waste home for treatment. When they starting doing this, students not only realized the difficulty of handling the waste, but also the importance of waste reduction.

Students took actions to minimize their waste such as drinking water instead of soft drinks and having traditional food instead of snacks with plastics package and by mid 2020, all students abandoned soft drinks and snacks, and plastic waste is rarely found in the campus!

Diantae and Jenny from Orautoha School
(New Zealand)

One of the highlights of the Litter Less Campaign in New Zealand was learning about the experience of two YRE students, Diantae and Jenny from Orautoha School who investigated the issue of plastic litter in the Ruatiti Valley.

They contacted the local Ruapehu District Council to ask if a recycling station could be installed in the valley to help combat the amount of plastic litter entering the waterways. The Council took their concerns seriously and agreed that having a recycling station would make a “big difference” to the area and is currently working towards making this a reality. They were thrilled that the council has taken notice of their concerns and the girls created a video entry for the YRE competition named 'Small Steps, Big Change'. Jenny said “I'm still surprised that Council have taken notice of a kid at school”.

We believe that this type of story is what YRE is all about! Often our young people believe that adults won’t listen to their concerns about environmental issues. 

The confidence that students gain when they realise that their actions have made a real difference is one of the most positive experiences YRE students can have, and it is wonderful to see our students empowered in this way.
Christmas Eco Action Day (Wales)

In Wales, The Innovate Project in Caerphilly caters for pupils excluded from mainstream education. For their YRE work, all the learners looked at reducing plastic waste, with a particular focus on raising awareness about the amount of plastic waste at Christmas. As part of their work, they decided to run a Christmas Eco Action Day where all learners showcased what they had done to raise awareness about the issue of Christmas plastic waste! Although not open to anyone outside of the school (due to COVID-19) they involved everyone at the school and shared what they had been doing via Twitter.

Festival of Art-Works (Russia)

The Festival of Art-Works "New Year Frame - 2020: Looking into the New Decade" was held for LLC participants in Russia during November 23 – December 18, 2020. The Festival was initiated by the regional coordinator of Eco-Schools in Moscow Anna Puzanova - a teacher of OChU "Gazpromschool". The children 3-18 years old made various frames and pictures and there were about 2000 photos sent to the Festival from 11 regions! 

They demonstrated wonderful creativity and philosophic views for the future. The frames were made of a wide variety of waste materials one could find at home. The Festival gave inspiration to children and adults to look onto waste as a resource and apply R's methodology. 

Find out more here.

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