April 2021
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Global Action Days: #MyActionMatter
19 April-16 May

Do you want to help protect biodiversity, reduce environmental pollution, and empower climate action through a three-week environmental challenge?

The Global Action Days 2021, in partnership with Now.Here will mobilise youth from all over the world through the Treasure Earth app in small positive actions that each one of us can take to become more compassionate towards Earth. 

Everybody can participate freely in this campaign through the Treasure Earth App that we all invite you to download. Our target is to demonstrate how small individual actions can have a great impact on our own and our Earth’s wellbeing. 

This campaign is designed as a 21-days journey of « Compassionate Actions », for instance, have you ever thought about reducing the time that you spend in the shower? This kind of positive action will inspire participants to live and act differently by crystallising intentions into concrete actions and new patterns of positive behaviour. Learn more here.

Every week, a different challenge for the planet

Week 1 - Protect Global Biodiversity 

Week 2- Reduce Environmental Pollution

Week 3- Empower Climate Action

« Together, we can change the world so why don’t you start with us? »

Helvellyn Foundation grant supports the development of new courses on FEE Academy!🌎📚

A wildlife conservation partnership between the Helvellyn Foundation and FEE

The Foundation Launch Programme was initiated in April 2021 as the first programme run by the Helvellyn Foundation. The aims of this grant are threefold: to support impactful organisations, to nurture meaningful partnerships and to develop their grant-making process. 

FEE was awarded 10,000 GBP on its proposal to continue working on professional development opportunities for educators in our network, and specifically, Eco-Schools, Learning About Forests (LEAF) and Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE). Through this project FEE remains true to its goals, presenting online learning within the fields of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). 
Read more on our website.

 Our stories

MOU with Environment Online: a valued partnership and a commitment to life on our planet

Environment Online (ENO) and Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) have a long partnership history on annual tree-planting events, with the organisations joining forces to address sustainable development and environmental education around the world. Read more here.

With this agreement, ENO and FEE are expressing their determination to work closer together and to provide both networks with the value and opportunities this partnership can provide. We look forward to supporting teachers and students around the world to connect with forests, their importance, realise the existential threats being faced and inspire them to protect them through hands-on, experiential and quality environmental education. —  Pramod Kumar Sharma, FEE Senior Director of Education

Earth Action Hub: a youth-led online event and community dedicated to empowering people to take climate action

The Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) is excited to be announcing the launch of Earth Action Hub, a dynamic 3-day virtual event dedicated to engaging everyone aged 16+ to learn about and promote sustainable solutions to climate change! 

The first annual Earth Action Hub event will be kicking off on Friday, May 21st at 14:00 UTC, starting with an Opening Ceremony filled with inspiring individuals from around the world and diving straight into a variety of talks, conversations, and workshops. You have the chance to join over 24 hours of fun, dynamic and educational activities and sessions planned!


Global Forest Fund is our unique scheme to help individuals like you reduce their carbon footprint while at the same time providing valuable resources and education to communities worldwide. Read more.

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