The Litter Less Campaign is a joint initiative of The Wrigley Company Foundation and Foundation for Environmental Education on Litter. It aims to reduce litter and affect long-term behaviour change among youth around the world.

Litter Less Campaign Newsletter 

February 2019
Welcome to the newsletter for the Litter Less Campaign, run by the Eco-Schools and Young Reporters for the Environment programmes of the Foundation for Environmental Education, and supported by the Wrigley Company Foundation.
In September 2018, the second year of Phase III of the Litter Less Campaign was successfully launched and all the countries in the Northern Hemisphere are now in full implementation. Similar to last year, students and teachers from 15 countries around the world are involved in the campaign to learn about litter and waste and to help make their schools and communities litter-free. 

In this newsletter, you can read about the achievements and stories from the countries participating in Phase III of the Campaign.  If you scroll down, you can also learn more about the Litterati app which can be used to track and reduce litter and about their newly developed educational programme.

Enjoy reading and share the success stories within your networks!

The Litter Less Campaign International team

Final Facts and Figures from Year 1, Phase III
Including numbers from Southern Hemisphere countries

Stories from Countries Participating in the Campaign

News spot from the Community Action Day that took place in Leicester, England last year.  
Community Action Days in Russia
Two Litter Less Campaign launch events were launched in 2018 in St. Petersburg for the European part of Russia and in Irkutsk for the Siberian part of Russia. More than 200 participants attended the events. Additional launch events were undertaken in each municipality.  Read more...
Waste art creations in Australia 
Students were invited to participate in a workshop at Reverse Garbage, a creative reuse centre that teaches alternative ways to reduce waste and creates change in the way resources are looked at. They were taught to turn waste into works of art. They created their own artwork through a process of experimentation with everyday discards.   Read more...
Community Action Day and new plastic waste management project in Kenya
In Kenya, several projects related to the Litter Less Campaign have been put forward in 2018. Wrigley representatives were involved in the tree planting drive conducted at Lenana School also involving the Rotary Club of Nairobi. The event was organised under the Eco-Schools Litter Less banner to commemorate the International Day of Forests (IDF) held annually on 21st March. Wrigley was involved in the planning of the event, mobilization of other stakeholders, giving talks on waste management during the event and took part in tree planting activity.   Read more...
Having fun while raising environmental awareness in New Zealand
Kairanga School held an Environmental Community Action Day which involved all the participating YRE students planning and running the event. The students tidied the wetlands area by the school, built a worm farm, planted trees, fruits and vegetables, and were shown how to plant clippings in used yogurt bottles. Students were also introduced to the concept of litter less lunches and educated about recycling and how to use scrap buckets in the school. The school conducted a Clean Up Event and created a mural highlighting the effect of litter on oceans. Read more...

YRE and Eco-Schools students united in Malta to raise awareness on litter pollution

In most cases, YRE and Eco-Schools in Malta join forces. As a committee, the Eco-Schools conduct the campaign and work to raise awareness. The reporters report on what the school is doing. The teachers often include the Litter Less Campaign in their language lessons, IT, Math and Environmental studies.  Schools with media students are including the campaign in their routine work. Other schools opt to leave it as extra curricular, depending on the students.

All schools participating in the campaign were invited to attend an informative session about litter and its consequences, followed by a turtle release - where 3 injured turtles were release back into the wild. After the workshops and the release, the students also participated in a clean up on the beach, with particular focus on micro-plastics. Read more...

Read more stories about the Litter Less Campaign from other schools:

YRE Stories
Eco-Schools Stories
The below text is an excerpt from an article written by Litterati and shared here as an inspiration for schools and students who want to combat litter and help clean their communities. Read the full article here.
Litterati Launches Education Initiative
Our planet faces many environmental problems. It often feels overwhelming and hard to know how we can make a difference. Well here’s one way you can. Join the Litterati - a global community that’s cleaning the planet - one piece of litter at a time. This mobile app (iOS & Android) allows anyone to identify, map, and collect litter in their community. 

Litterati has launched an Educational Program that engages students, collects data, and drives environmental action aligned with 7 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Litter is tangible, approachable and easy to understand. Litterati’s Educational Program provides a service-learning model that involves students in a range of experiences which benefit their community, while advancing their classroom skills. The program empowers them to  build a more sustainable planet. 
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