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Eco-Schools teachers develop lesson plans for positive actions! 🏫💚

Over the past six months, the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) has received lesson plans from teachers to help promote an action-oriented pedagogy about specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The editorial committee constituted by FEE, responsible for reviewing and rating, is proud to announce that the following seven teachers submitted the best lesson plans to be featured in the upcoming Eco-Schools international publication.


  • Helena Rego - Portugal
  • Habibah Ismail, Linda Soh, Nur Adilah Mohamad Abu Bakar - Singapore 
  • Margaret Rosenberg - South Africa
  • Anis Amouri - Tunisia
  • Natália Marisa Senra da Costa - Portugal
  • Ana Vučinić - Montenegro
  • Sandrina Silva Martins - Portugal

Helena Rego (Portugal) and Habibah Ismail (Singapore), will be attending the National Operators Meeting in the Netherlands to share their experience and participate in the three-day conference!

Young Reporters at the International Conference for Sustainability Education


📰 Read the newsletters designed and written by Odell Jeremiah Dass, Palak Goyal, Paridhi Puri, Vandita Sariya, Sujit Bhattacharya, Karishma Kharbanda and Rheza Auditya Wijaya - the YRE press team at the International Conference on Sustainability Education.

The conference was organised as a sustainability event to bring together thought leaders, practitioners, teachers, educators, policymakers and youth to come forward with recommendations for incorporating environmental sustainability as a core concept in the education system.



World Car-Free Day in Hungary

🚫🚗 Students and teachers at Budapest British International School (BBIS) left their car at home on the first BBIS No Car Day.

Children came by bus, tram, metro, scooter, bike and shared rides using electric cars. Streets were free of traffic and the students arrived at school energised and knowing they are doing their bit for the environment in Budapest. The Eco Committee decided this needs to be a regular monthly event in BBIS! Read more here!

It's time to care!

In the Czech Republic, our Eco-School ZŠ PŘEROV, TRÁVNÍK participates in the project ‘It’s Time To Care! (ITTC)’, along with schools from Germany, Malta, Portugal, Finland and Latvia.

Students participating in the project work together on the themes of water, energy, sustainable living, climate change, consumption and biodiversity, using the gained knowledge, skills, competences and data to engage in environmental learning and teaching. Read more here!
🚴This Eco-School is located in Gafanha da Nazaré, one of the cities of Portugal where the bicycle is most used in daily journeys from home to work or school. According to the national standards, the school is the one where more students and school staff use this type of transport on a daily basis. In the bicycle parking lot, there are about 350 bicycles daily (about 50% of the students). With such a number of bicycle users it was necessary to find a way to repair their bikes by themselves. And so the project GafeBikeLab came up! Read more...

What is cooking at Eco-Schools Global

  • The National Operators Meeting in Reuuwijk, Netherlands is just around the corner! We are working hard to prepare sessions on vocational and tertiary education institutions, the Eco-Schools network movement, teacher training, design thinking and a lot more! Stay tuned and follow us on social media!

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