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                                                                                                             September 2015

Dear National Operators and YRE partners,

Welcome the YRE International Newsletter for September 2015.

In this YRE Newsletter…

This Newsletter has information about YRE International and great news stories from our participating countries. In this Newsletter, we officially announce four new YRE initiatives: new edition of YRE International Competition with the new category International Collaboration – Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), including Sustainable Lifestyles, YRE Litter Less Campaign YEAR2, YRE Global Action Days and our new website.

YRE International is working towards sending our students as reporters to COP21 in Paris, the amount of students depends on the success of our fundraising efforts.  Information about recruiting students will be shared with National Operators in October.

The first year of the Litter Less Campaign has been a huge success! Four new YRE countries (Portugal, Kazakhstan, Montenegro and Germany) were invited to participate in the campaign. We hope, this year more schools and students will lead the litter activities in their area and influence the local community to take part in planned actions to implement positive environmental solutions.

Please share the YRE Newsletter in your country, with partners and friends.

I hope you enjoy this YRE Newsletter!

Malgorzata (Gosia) Luszczek
YRE International Director
Yukiko Tsuburaya
YRE and LLC Assistant

Join to new edition of International YRE Competition!

Investigate environmental issues around you and express your thoughts and idea for our sustainable future!

This year the International YRE Competition has few significant changes. The criteria of the competition is been revised and we hope that more students will be encouraged to participate and be active on their local level. And for the first time we launch the new theme International Collaboration – Sustainable Consumption and Consumption (SCP), including Sustainable Lifestyles.

YRE international competition is for winners of YRE National Competition in country running YRE programme. Students who are participating in the YRE programme in each country has a right to participate in the competition. Students have to compete and be selected as national winner to be sent to international competition. 

More information about the competition (criteria, category, etc.) can be found here

This year we are introducing also a new category International Collaboration – Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP), including Sustainable Lifestyles. This category is open to countries that decide to collaborate   (school classes/individuals), and exchange information to prepare one joint article that will be submitted to the competition as a joint effort. It is open for students aged 15-18. More information can be found here.

Join to YRE network and participate in International YRE competition!
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Litter Less Campaign Now Reaches 31 Countries

The WM Wrigley Jr. Company Foundation announced the launch the second year of International Litter Less Campaign Phase II led by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). This addition brings the number of participating countries to 31 globally.

The campaign aims to help engage and educate children and young people on the issue of litter and to help encourage them to make positive choices. It supplements the existing work of the Wrigley Company to encourage responsible disposal of litter.
This year five new countries belonging to Young Reporters for the Environment (YRE) joined the campaign: Portugal, Kazakhstan, Montenegro and Germany.
Other countries with ongoing Litter Less campaigns include, from the Eco-Schools (ES) programme: Australia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Greece, India, Kenya, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Poland, Puerto Rico, Russia, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, the United States and Wales and from YRE: Canada, France, Israel, Romania and Slovakia.
More than 400,000 students and almost 700 schools have been participating in the Litter Less Campaign Phase II (2014/2015), which shows an admirable commitment from both pupils and teachers. From kindergartens to high schools, the campaign has been able to involve students at all educational levels, thus creating a bigger and more meaningful impact.
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YRE Global Action Days

YRE is announcing a new initiative for students – the Global Action Days. It is a call for all students and teachers around the world to be active and share their actions on being more sustainable in our modern world. Become inspired and be part of the change this world needs!

All students and teachers around the world can join in this event. As huge energy consumers, producers of waste, and consumers of resources, schools can make a difference.  Show everyone your ideas about how to protect and preserve the environment. All actions count!!

9 – 15 November 2015
18 - 24 April 2016

As you are a young journalist involved in environmental activities at a local level through articles, videos, pictures etc., present your actions, together with the students from your class and school to the wider community. Get them interested in the topic that is important from your point of view – inform them.  Be creative! You can organise a local photo exhibition, you can lead a local environmental manifestation, a public presentation, a clean-up of an area, or a host of other actions. Use the theme of your article, video or picture as a motive for the action. Make a difference in your community!
So plan your action, register, and share it on our Global Action Days Facebook page.
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New website

We are happy to launch the new FEE and YRE website. We have been re-thinking our communication, re-structuring our digital tools and aligning our digital identity and presence in order to eliminate any unfocused and confusing communication.

Our goal was to create a platform that provides knowledge and support for our members and easy access to the right tools – it is our hope that Podio will do just that.

The goal with the website was to strengthen the programmes and projects and feature FEE and the programmes as the backbone for all activities - we believe that the new website is strongly communicating that.
The websites are made to be mobile friendly and informative. We hope you will find the new technology to be easy and enjoyable for all users.

Please note that together with the websites, FEE has changed the domains. The new YRE website address is: If you use old website address, you will be redirected.
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YRE International is working to send our students as a reporters at COP21 in Paris. The project about Climate Change activities involving 10 YRE students at COP21 is been submitted to Climate Educators Fund. The results are expected by the end of September.

YRE International submitted also letter of inquiry to KR Foundation for three year project involving 10 YRE countries under the climate change theme. Project focus on Climate change through YRE methodology, including e-learning course in cooperation with the Goals and impact measurement of knowledge and behaviour change. Decision about approval our Letter of Inquiry is expected by the 7 October. If it will be positive we will be asked to fill the final project proposal by 21 October.
Keep your fingers crossed!

A Successful Schoolyear 2014-2015 for Cypriot YRE

The Schoolyear began with a presentation of the Programme to interested Teachers organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in two regional Meetings. Some 90 Schools got involved, producing wonderful articles, photos and videos. Many were sent to the National YRE Competition sponsored by the national telephone company, CYTA (Cyprus Telecommunications Authority). The prizes were coupons for purchasing telephone equipment at CYTA shops.
Last year’s winners in the three categories took part with 15 more students from Portugal mainly and Nepal in the YRE workshop organised by ABAE Portugal. Throughout the one-week Mission, students studied the local situation in Lousa as an eco-municipality, dealing with forest management, eco-tourism, biodiversity, rural tourism, local economy and much more.
When the Competition was concluded the Young Reporters for the Environment Award Ceremony was organised in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture and sponsored by CYTA. The Ceremony was attended by the Commissioner for the Environment, the Chairman of the Union of Cypriot Journalists and Xenia Loizidou for AKTI Research Centre and the Cyprus Tourism Organization.
The winning entries touched upon a variety of subjects ranging from “Algae: The "green gold" of the future! They scour, heal, produce biofuels ....and more! “to“Big development projects…big environmental challenges”, “ Wave Energy and the potential to be exploited in Cyprus”, “Save Paper, Save the World!!! “, “3D Patterned Flowers”, “Rubbish in the Sea - Danger to marine life”, to”Locusts “, orchids and Desertification & Climate Change.
The schoolyear was crowned by the success of Cypriot YRE in winning the 2nd Place  in the International Competition for Young Reporters for the Environment in the category  Articles for the ages 15-18 : Big development projects…big environmental challenges, Marios Daniel, Kyriaki Hadjichambi, Katerina Papamiltiadous (Agia Phyla Lyceum, Cyprus) making everyone feel proud of their work.

Use the journalist’s tools to teach about sustainable development

Keep Sweden Clean (Håll Sverige Rent) wants to use investigative journalism to help young people in senior compulsory and senior secondary school learn more about sustainable development.  The organization is now launching ”Young Reporters – for a sustainable society” (Unga Reportrar – för ett hållbart samhälle), a free-of-charge teaching package closely linked to the curriculum.

''We want to make young people get involved with issues related to sustainable development, to help them feel that they can influence and be heard'', says Filippa Mannerheim, project manager at Keep Sweden Clean.
It is clear from the curriculum that sustainable development is of high importance in education. The word ”sustainable” is mentioned 117 times in the curriculum and teaching plans for the compulsory and senior secondary stages. 
”Young Reporters – for a sustainable society” is a new programme for working with sustainable development in schools. In addition to investigating sustainability issues the students also practise journalistic techniques. The outcome of their work might be opinion pieces, articles, short films and radio reports.
''It is easy to take part. Curriculum links, lesson plans and student work sheets are all available from Keep Sweden Clean’s website. You can start whenever you want during the semester and freely decide how many lessons to include'', says Filippa Mannerheim.
Several of the articles will be published on the Keep Sweden Clean’s website and hopefully the message from the young people will also spread outside the school world.
Young Reporters is the Swedish branch of ”Young Reporters for the Environment” (YRE), and part of the international organization Foundation for Environmental Education – a network of millions of educators, children and young people. Today 27 countries all over the world participate in Young Reporters and more countries join each year. In Sweden Unga Reportrar is managed by Keep Sweden Clean.
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YRE France opens its competition to the students until 25 years old!

Students in journalism, sustainable development issues or any other field can join the YRE adventure and try to win three prizes of 1000€ (one per category).
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