YRE Newsletter July 2021
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Dear Reader, 

The Young reporters for the Environment have so much to share with you!  Below you can read about:

- The YRE competition. It is over for this year. We received more than 200 entries and a professional team from FEE Head office pre-selected the best ones. The winners will be announced by the International Jury at the beginning of the September. Until then, you can take a look on every pre-selected entry.  Find more photos by scrolling down. We're looking forward to knowing the winners!!! 

- The Environmental journalism - photography course. It is running until 13 August and it is attended by 73 participants! In this newsletter you can discover 2 testimonies from students attending the course. 

- You can also read an article from YRE Hub, find a new resource and read a story from Slovakia.

We hope you are so excited as we are to read this newsletter and find out more about the work of our Young Reporters for the Environment. 

- The YRE International Team
YRE figures - July 2021
Thank you for all your 229 submissions to the YRE Competition!

The YRE competition counts 229 submissions this year! 90 of them have been preselected and represent 18 competitive categories. All contributions come from students aged 11 to 25 who wrote articles, created videos or took photos from 35 different countries around the world.

You can discover below some of the Young reporters for the Environment work and all of them on the website.

If you also want to find out more about the international Jury of the competition, follow us on Instagram. We have just launched a little campaign called "In the Jury's shoes" where you can give your opinion about the entries with a jury's perspective.
- Entries of the YRE Competition 2021 - 
You can even support each entry by clicking on the ENJOY button on the upper right corner. You can attribute between 0 and 5 "enjoy" for each contribution. Don't hesitate to share your favourite ones with your friends and to give your opinion in detail on Instagram until the results!! They will be given at the beginning of September after the assessment of the International Jury.
Congrats and thanks to all participants!!!! May the best ones win!

And for those who missed the boat this year, we are waiting for you next year, as every year, the competition will be back. Let yourself be carried away by this year's work!

Plastic pollution in our oceans

Sweden, video 11-14
73 participants are attending The Environmental journalism - photography course, running until 13 August
All of us is a current photographer. With our smartphone, we all take many pictures almost everyday. But what if we wanted to take photo as a journalist? What if we wanted to give a sense to our pictures? The Environmental journalism - photography is all about. It allows students between 11 and 25 to take care of how they take pictures. From history of the photojournalism to advice from photojournalist, the 73 participants have already completed their second week of course. Four more weeks until 13 August and they will be ready to see the world differently. 
The next session of this course will take place in November, stay tuned!
You can sign up to FEE Academy today and find more courses such as the course Strategies to Advance Circular Economy.  Next start today, on the 20th of July!
Read 2 testimonies from students running the course: 
"The course of FEE Academy is giving me the opportunity to appreciate other people’s ideas. They capture pictures that leave a message behind them, such as appreciating nature, taking care of our environment, be responsible for our actions and help others in need. By uploading, sharing and explaining their images, they are informing individuals what is going on in other countries so that people can be aware of what is happening in the world around them. FEE Academy is assisting me in coming up with fresh ideas to improve the environment, as well as being more responsible in my actions to ensure it is well preserved for future generations." - Luke Schembri, a 13 years old YRE Student from Malta. 
"My name is Anja Krivokapic. I am 13 years old. I'm an excellent student from Montenegro. My country is small and very beautiful. These are: sea, shores, bah, islands, lakes, rivers, canyons, mountains over 2500 m, plains, old towns, cultural and historical monuments, etc. It was the first ecological state declared in 1991. Nowadays I notice that people don't realize how much beauty we have and don't want to guard our home, our planet. That is why I want to participate to environmental workshops and spread awareness about preserving the planet. I like the course a lot, I have learned a lot so far. When I finish one part, I look forward to another. My teacher, friends who participate too and I, will recommend it to other students as well. I was little afraid of how I would cope with the English language, but I am very satisfied." 
Do you want to share your environmental investigations and reports with the YRE programme? Don't wait and post your story, as Peter Lee, on YRE Hub!
This forum is opened to every student linked with the YRE Programme. If you have written a story, if you have taken a picture telling a story or if you have created a video about environmental issue, you are welcome to publish it on the YRE Hub website.

Contact us or your National Operator to log on the website. 

Let's just see an example of a video story added by Peter Lee, a 17 years old American boy.

Why is Climate Change an Issue? (feat nature-Based Solutions)

By YRE Hub, on June 15, 2021

Climate change
 is slowly becoming an irreversible catastrophe, and it is only getting worse by the year. In this video, student and environmental activist Peter Lee touches upon the issue of climate change through a documentary including a short interview and a possible solution for the problem.

Peter Lee (US) feat Nature-Based solutions
A new resource is out!
E-Twinning "Spot and fight disinformation" Toolkit 

All resources can be find on the YRE website. This new Toolkit made by the European Commission is a resource especially for teachers to help them teach their students to recognise false information .

Follow the link to discover how to spot and fight disinformation. 
A story from Slovakia:
Slovak young reporters are back in the field after a year!

Slovak young reporters worked during traditional June practical workshop in Trenčín under the leadership of professional journalists. In the field they dealt with local topics such as coffee leftovers, animal protection and protected urban areas. During their fieldwork, they met with experts from each of the mentioned topics. They processed their findings in articles, photos, and videos. Students were led by professional photographer, journalist, and filmmakers. Their efforts and their enthusiasm were reflected in the final outcomes. Students were excited of these three days full of reporting work, because „it was refreshing after home schooling during the pandemic”. The workshop was attended by more than 40 students. „We are growing, in different senses of the word. The way of working and the number of outputs reflected the high number of participants, " said Klaudia Medalová, coordinator of YRE Slovakia.
 Written by Adriána Henčeková
Thank you very much for reading this far and stay tuned, especially via this newsletter and our social networks (all links below) 

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