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Åland Islands, August 6 - 9 2014. Register before March 31

Welcome to Mariehamn.
The theme of our 10th keðja Encounter is ”Building New Bridges and Sustaining the Community”.
On one hand we will look at the future of the keðja network and envision new and inspiring ways of dealing with the challenges and changes in the Nordic-Baltic dance field. On the other hand we want to cherish the sense of community that keðja has achieved during the past years and think about how collaborations can be sustained in the future.

We invite you to check the preliminary programme which will elaborate on these thoughts through talks (pdf), workshops (pdf), performances (pdf)  and other ways of sharing artistic work. There will also be pre-meetings (pdf), morning classes (pdf) and plenty of social and other engaging events that facilitate meeting and networking in the beautiful and inspiring archipelago setting.

You register through where you in the same procedure, can book your travel and accommodation. We strongly recommend you to start planning your trip now.  The Åland Islands are a popular tourist destination and August is very much their high season which is why we encourage you to also book your travel and accommodation when you register to the Encounter. Registration will stay open until March 31st.
By liking us on Facebook you can stay updated on the latest news about the Encounter.
keðjaMariehamn is organized by Dance Info Finland in collaboration with the other keðja partners with substantial contributions from the various keðja activities. Other Finnish partners as well as local artists and organizations are also active in the realization of the Encounter.

Portrait of a Wilderness host
Inta Balode introduces Latvian Wilderness host, Jurgita Gruberte

In 2013 there were two keðja Wilderness residencies in Latvia, - in Bebrene and in Ainaži. Another two Wilderness residencies will take place there in March and April 2014.
  Writer Inta Balode visited both places in 2013:
 "The link between the two Wilderness locations in Latvia, was for me the Wilderness host in Bebrene, Jurgita Gruberte. She is a wonderful example of a contemporary rural enthusiast. She is a physio therapist so she works with movement, exercises, massage; she is teaching healthy life style and organizes different public events. She also does guiding as well as eco and traditional cooking. She is also excited about ethnography, folklore and even archeology has her attention. She weaves her own folk costume and sings in the local folklore group “Ritam”.                                                            
Jurgita says: „My interests come from the possibility to communicate, work creatively and generate ideas. The community gets a lot of my attention but so does my family. I enjoy discovering and creating things. Some of my most pleasant and relaxing moments are during the several days long music festivals or when I`m riding my motorbike. My broad interests have developed in me a strong sense of tolerance and compassion.I`m a lover of humans”

During the residency period, Jurgita drove on her Vespa from Bebrene to Ainaži. She left home at 8:00; she arrived in Ainaži at 17:00. The purpose of the trip was to see the Wilderness showing in Ainaži.  The next day on her way back the oil tube broke. Her family came on another Vespa to rescue her and they ended up having a nice couple of family holidays. Isn’t this beautiful? Doesn’t it fit the Wilderness concept well?"
Inta Balode is a writer and editor of the Latvian on-line dance journal  Inta and Dance LV Journal are keðja Writing Movement collaborators.

keðja Writing Movement

The twenty keðja Writing Movement articles, written by twenty very different dance writers are now being offered to interested editors in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Several of them will additionally be published on the blog
In April-May in Copenhagen Dansehallerne is organizing the Lab "re/viewing dance" directed by Sidsel Pape and Cecilie Lindeman Steen.

keðja Mentoring Scheme

The mentee-mentor couples are still meeting on individual basis, focusing on the development of the mentees´ capacities and skills.
At keðjaMariehamn the mentees will share their knowledge by  inviting you to a performative mentoring session – in a rowing boat.

keðja Wilderness

The first finished Wilderness performance to be presented is Ingri Fiksdals  "Hoods". It will premiere on February 26 at Black Box Teater in Oslo and play until March 2. Another group showing their work this Spring is The Mob that will be part of the festival Mellemrum in Copenhagen in May. All the works created during the Wilderness residencies, will also be presented at keðjaMariehamn. Keep following the residencies on the Wilderness blog.


The Think Tank for Sustainable strategies for the Nordic-Baltic dance field  is meeting in Copenhagen March 7 - 8. Also the Think Tank for Touring network for the Nordic-Baltic region plans to visit Copenhagen later this Spring. The keðja Think Tanks analyze defined relevant issues and come up with concrete action plans to develop the infrastructure of the dance field.
The reports from each meeting are posted on the kedja website.
We hope that we have triggered you curiosity and that we will see you IRL, on or that you will follow our website and existing and coming blogs.
Yours sincerely,  Kamma Siegumfeldt, main project manager for keðja
keðja partners 2012-2015:
Dansehallerne – Copenhagen DK, Dance Information Norway, Dance Info Finland , Independent Theatres Association – Reykjavik IS, The Union of Estonian Dance Artists, Bora Bora – Aarhus DK, Dansearena Nord – Hammerfest NO, MAD Production – Helsinki FIN, New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Fish Eye – Klaipeda LT, SITE – Stockholm S with Kultur I Väst – Göteborg and Performing Arts Iceland
What is keðja?
·         keðja is Nordic-Baltic dance meetings in the form of Encounters as well as other activities related to the development of contemporary dance.
·         keðja is for anyone interested in taking a closer look at how  contemporary dance is organized and works in the Nordic-Baltic countries and beyond.
·         keðja is for people who want to co-operate across borders to create better circumstances for the art of contemporary dance, and thereby stimulate and develop the art of dance.
·         keðja is the Old Norse and Icelandic word for chain. The name symbolizes our aim to connect, attach, encircle and move outwards, as well as to strengthen already existing networks.

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