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Åland Islands, August 6 - 9 2014


Organized by Dance Info Finland in collaboration with the other keðja partners, several Finnish partners as well as local artists and organizations

keðjaMariehamn - the 10th keðja Encounter!

The theme is ”Building New Bridges and Sustaining the Community”.
We will look at the future of the keðja network and envision new and inspiring ways of dealing with the current challenges and changes in the Nordic-Baltic dance field. And we will celebrate the sense of community that keðja has built up in the past 6 years and address how collaborations can be sustained in the future:

  • The thoughts of the Think Tank for Sustainable Strategies will be the starting point for discussions on future possible strategies.
  • The keðja partners behind our Wilderness residencies will bring their experiences forward in order to discuss future possible production and creation set ups. The 10 artist groups that have been on residencies will present their works as black box/stage works, installations or site-specific experiences. Read more
  • The Writing Movement people will facilitate discussions on the place and role of dance in public discourse and a writing workshop is offered.
  • The Mentees from our Mentoring Scheme, share their insights in individual sessions taking place in rowing boats off the coast of the Åland Islands.

In addition to these events there will be several pre-meetings, movement classes as well as lectures, workshops and debates on issues like sustainability, community work and the concept of networks. Plus of course social activities. A wide range of Nordic, Baltic as well as international artists, facilitators etc. are behind the sessions. Follow kedjaMariehamn on facebook

Voyage Into the Wilderness.

The planned Wilderness residencies have now taken place. Previously, two episodes of dance writer and Writing Movement collaborator, Inta Balode´s observations and reflections on the Latvian Wilderness residencies have been presented here in the kedja Newsletter.  Further three episodes are now published on the Wilderness blog. Dive in to Intas warm and amusing  Voyage Into the Wilderness.

keðja Writing Movement

Estonian keðja partner The Union of Estonian Dance Artists will conclude the Estonian keðja Writing Movement activities by organizing a seminar for local journalists in fall 2014. Writing Movement co-ordinator Dance Info Norway is working on a publication that will have a selection of articles and other documentation material from the Writing Movement activities.

keðja Mentoring Scheme

The mentee-mentor couples are still meeting on individual basis, focusing on the development of the mentees´ capacities and skills.
At keðjaMariehamn the mentees will share their knowledge by  inviting interested participants to a performative mentoring session – in a rowing boat!

keðja Wilderness

Several of the Wilderness groups have premiered the works they have created/researched for during their residencies.
Anyone with a professional interest in the works can contact Wilderness coordinator Ása Richardsdottir for details and conditions.
General info about the works can be found here.
The photo is from The Mob´s stay at Kokko1721 near Kangasniemi in Central Finland, May 2014


The Think Tank for Sustainable strategies for the Nordic-Baltic dance field  is summing up their work, presenting some of the findings at keðjaMariehamn and later a full report will be published. The Think Tank for Touring network for the Nordic-Baltic region has now established itself as a Nordic-Baltic Dance Touring Network! (photo above). The Think Tanks have analyzed relevant issues to come up with concrete action plans to develop the infrastructure of the Nordic-Baltic dance field.
Photos by Visit Åland, Vahid-doublExpose, The Mob :

We hope that we have triggered you curiosity
and that we will see you IRL, on or that you will follow our activities on and related blogs.
Yours sincerely,  Kamma Siegumfeldt, main project manager for keðja
keðja partners 2012-2015:
Dansehallerne – Copenhagen DK, Dance Information Norway, Dance Info Finland , Independent Theatres Association – Reykjavik IS, The Union of Estonian Dance Artists, Bora Bora – Aarhus DK, Dansearena Nord – Hammerfest NO, MAD Production – Helsinki FIN, New Theatre Institute of Latvia, Fish Eye – Klaipeda LT, SITE – Stockholm S with Kultur I Väst – Göteborg and Performing Arts Iceland
What is keðja?
·         keðja is Nordic-Baltic dance meetings in the form of Encounters as well as other activities related to the development of contemporary dance.
·         keðja is for anyone interested in taking a closer look at how  contemporary dance is organized and works in the Nordic-Baltic countries and beyond.
·         keðja is for people who want to co-operate across borders to create better circumstances for the art of contemporary dance, and thereby stimulate and develop the art of dance.
·         keðja is the Old Norse and Icelandic word for chain. The name symbolizes our aim to connect, attach, encircle and move outwards, as well as to strengthen already existing networks.

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