Dear <<First Name>>

Can you imagine how it might feel to look at your beautiful new baby with anxiety and fear?

“When Holly was born I was on a huge high, despite the birth not going as I had imagined I felt pretty great. I loved all of the visitors and introducing our beautiful healthy girl to our excited friends and family. 

"It was only when my stay was coming to an end that I started to feel a little concerned, breast-feeding was not going well and Holly was starting to become unsettled. The morning I was heading home I started to feel anxious, wondering why I wasn’t feeling excited. When I sat outside the hospital with Holly in the capsule waiting for my husband to bring the car around I felt a wave of fear come over me. The world felt totally different to when I had walked into the hospital five days before, it felt scary and cold and this feeling followed me home.”  (Therese, Mother of Holly and Charlotte)

The Gidget Foundation exists to promote awareness of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression amongst new parents like Therese, their families, their health providers and the wider community. We want to ensure that women in need receive timely, appropriate and supportive care. Dear
“By about nine weeks I was completely and utterly exhausted emotionally and physically. The days felt endless and despite having friends and family around, I felt very lonely.  I spent many days going on huge walks around the neighbourhood as it was the only way Holly would sleep. I was too anxious to eat, I started to lose weight and ironically people would tell me how well I was doing with getting the baby weight off.”
“I started to feel really scared of being alone with Holly, not because I was worried I would hurt her but terrified of how I would handle a whole day of settling her by myself. I was starting to become scared of her and what she would do next.”

"The final straw was when even sleep started to elude me. Insomnia crept in and I spent hours awake, feeling anxious and worried about how I was going to handle the day ahead."
"Maybe I should just leave I thought, I was never going to feel better, I was such a failure, Matt and Holly would be fine and I could finally be at peace from these horrendous feelings."

It is at this critical point in a new parent’s journey that they need to know they are not alone, that they can access support, otherwise we may lose another precious young life, the way that we lost Gidget.  

The Gidget Foundation began for all the wrong reasons. Gidget was a vibrant young woman with a loving husband, family and many friends. She had a beautiful baby. We lost her to perinatal anxiety and depression.

The Gidget Foundation works tirelessly to raise awareness and reach as many new parents as possible, relying on non-government fundraising by volunteers, the community and corporate supporters.
Thankfully Therese was able to access the support that she needed, at the right time.

“Now I would love to say that it was an easy road from that point and that all the help magically and easily appeared. No, it was a process. Going back to the GP for a Mental Health Care Plan and a referral to a psychologist, waiting for an appointment to see the psychologist, realising after a few long weeks that therapy was not going to be enough and that I would need medication.  Going on medication, waiting for it to work and praying it was the right one.”
“PND almost destroyed me, but five years on and two children later I am proud to be here. I am here and I survived because I was lucky enough to get the right help. Every woman deserves that chance.”


Therese Bolin sharing her personal journey of perinatal anxiety and depression at the Gidget Foundation Ball 2014.

The Gidget Foundation has established Gidget House to provide professional support for mothers like Therese and her family. Please donate now to support Gidget House so more families do not need to struggle as Gidget and Therese did. Help us to nurture new parents and young families to ensure that we do not lose any more precious young lives to the darkness of perinatal anxiety and depression.

Your tax donation before 30 June will assist us in providing mothers and fathers with the care they need to support their recovery, enabling them to enjoy rich, full and meaningful lives with their children.

Thank you so much for being part of the Gidget Foundation’s work.

Catherine Knox
CEO Gidget Foundation

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