It's Access Events' 3rd birthday! Here is some news from 2012.
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This time 3 years ago we signed our small charity constitution and Access Events was born. Much has happened in the past 3 years, and 2012 has been full of events and new projects for us, so we thought we'd share some of our highlights with you.  

Thank you for your continued support and Happy New Year from the Access Events team!       
Sensory Yurt at Disability Rocks

The Sensory Yurt

In May Access Events launched the Sensory Yurt, an accessible Mongolian yurt filled with handcrafted sensory equipment made by disabled and non-disabled artists in Bristol. 

We always provide a sensory space at our events and as it proved so popular at Change the Record last year when our equipment was housed in a friends' yurt, we decided to take the project a little further.
With funding received from O2 Think Bigger (£2500), The Norie Trust (£1500), marathon sponsorship (£1320) and private donations (£275), we were able to commission the build of a 16 foot accessible yurt and buy materials to be made into unique pieces of equipment.  

Over the summer we took the Sensory Yurt to six events in Leeds, Bristol and London.  Our aim is to promote inclusion and learning, demonstrate how sensory equipment is appealing to everyone and show that it can be made creatively and cost-effectively at home.  

“It’s great. It made me happy. I’ve been to a sensory space before. This one is more fun because it has more stuff.”
Amelia, 7 at Disability Rocks in Leeds

“I have enjoyed being in the Sensory Yurt.  It’s very relaxing.  We’ve played with lots of different things.  We’ve also smelt some things.  All of our senses are tingling.” 
Ziah, 12 at AbleChildAfrica's Extraordinary Mile in London
Sensory Yurt at Oasis Summer Party
Inside the Sensory Yurt
Having fun at the Oasis Summer Party

Oasis Summer Party

In June, Access Events was invited back to Oasis Children's Venture in London to organise another inclusive community event at their play project.  There was bike art, graffiti, costume making, Touretteshero pictionary, a comedy workshop, accessible go karting and a talent show amongst many other activities and performances which brought 800 people in over the course of the day.

This year we ran a stewarding project in the month before the event, working closely with four disabled volunteers.  The volunteers helped in the planning processes and at the event and received an AQA qualification in Event Stewarding.

"If I had a time machine I would go back to that time and do it all again!”
Donata, 9, Oasis user

“Nice day.  It was nice to see other people in wheelchairs and to bring my son to a function like that.  Excellent.  In the future we must have functions like this and they must be funded.  My son had a wonderful day.”
Raymond, festival-goer
Sensory Pools at Oasis Summer Party
Having fun at the Oasis Summer Party
Stewards at the Oasis Summer Party


         Over the course of the year, 40 volunteers
         have worked with Access Events.  They
         have been involved in activities including
         event planning and stewarding, managing
         the Sensory Yurt, filmmaking and 
         photography and transporting our fantastic
         amount of equipment up and down the

         Many thanks to all who contributed their
         time and made 2012 such an exciting 
         year.  Special thanks goes to Chloe
         Blackman and Ari Cantwell who dedicated
         an enormous amount of time and hard
         work to designing and developing our
         sensory equipment, ensuring that the
         Sensory Yurt was such a success.

         We are always looking for new volunteers 
         to get involved in a variety of ways, so if
         you're interested in joining the team get in
         touch by email:
Playing in the Sensory Yurt
Looking inside the Sensory Yurt
Access Events Team and Mums!

Becoming a CIC

After much deliberation and many advisory meetings, we have decided to register Access Events as a community interest company (CIC).  
CICs are social enterprises or businesses whose activities benefit the community and who reinvest their profits back into the organisation or the community for that purpose. We feel that becoming a CIC is much better suited to the aims and activities of Access Events than registering as a charity, giving us more freedom to explore new projects as we have done in 2012.  To find out more about CICs visit the CIC regulator website.   

Plans for 2013

Having proved such a roaring success last summer, we have decided to dedicate 2013 to focusing on the development of the Sensory Yurt.  This means that we won't be planning our own event next summer, but we will be busy travelling around the country with the yurt, visiting numerous events and introducing people to our innovative concept!  But don't worry, we'll be back with another event soon!
Access Events Stewards
Having fun at the Oasis Summer Party
Sensory Yurt at Disability Rocks

     We need your help!

          Over the past year and a half we have
          been lucky enough to have been given a 
          free storage space in Bristol in which we
          have been keeping all our event 
          equipment, decor and now the Sensory 
          Yurt.  Sadly however, our storage space
          is being pulled down in the new year and
          we have been forced to move our
          equipment from Bristol to London.
          Though our equipment is now closer to us
          and our new space is big enough to be
          used for both storage and as a studio,
          we are having to pay rent for the first time.

          We need your help either in finding
          a free storage space or in helping us
          to raise funds to pay our rent whilst we
          investigate other funding options.  Please
          get in touch if you know of a space, or
          if you would like to make a donation
          you can do so via our PayPal account. 
          Thank you! 
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