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ILSR Cofounds National Coalition To Take On Amazon


The Institute for Local Self-Reliance is a founding member of Athena, which launched in November as the first national coalition organized to fight Amazon’s tightening grip on our economy.
Athena is a growing alliance of more than forty organizations who believe that control over our communities and our democracy should be in our hands. We’ve come together to fight for people whose lives are affected by Amazon including working people, small business owners, people of color and immigrants. LEARN MORE ABOUT ATHENA AND JOIN!


Read ILSR's 2019 Annual Report

ILSR  |   DEC. 2, 2019

It’s been quite a year for ILSR and our work fighting corporate control and building local power. Our 2019 Annual Report outlines a few of the victories and some of the progress we’ve made this year. READ OUR FULL ANNUAL REPORT.


  • Stacy Mitchell was a featured speaker at the UNI Global Union conference on Amazon in Brussels this week, where she represented opposition to Amazon in the U.S. “Amazon owns and controls the infrastructure of the economy. They set the rules to regulate their activities and punish those that don’t follow them. Amazon is a threat to democracy."
  • The New York Times covered Athena’s launch, showcasing the range of grassroots member groups, and featuring Stacy’s perspective. Yahoo Finance also interviewed Stacy to outline Athena’s goals and discuss the poor working conditions in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
  • Stacy also appeared on KQED in San Francisco to discuss the strength and resiliency of independent businesses ahead of the holiday season.
  • Shaoul Sussman’s research was cited in WIRED’s coverage of Amazon’s anticompetitive practices. “Amazon the platform is giving Amazon the retailer an unfair advantage because they can.” The Week also highlighted Shaoul’s Amazon research on the company’s counterfeit problem.


How Amazon Rigs its Shopping Algorithm
In a recent piece for ProMarket, Stacy and Shaoul describe how Amazon rigs its shopping algorithm to produce results that favor its own interests, harming shoppers and the many businesses that rely on its platform to get to market. READ MORE.



  • By exploring Amazon’s grip on the city of Baltimore, the New York Times investigates how the company is taking hold of almost every aspect of American lives.
  • Amazon also leads the pack in aggressive tax avoidance, which destabilizes the basic economic structures of our economy.
  • As Amazon pressures workers to fulfill holiday orders at a furious speed, the rate of injuries at many of its fulfillment centers is double the national average.
  • Meanwhile, Somali immigrants led the charge against Amazon’s inhumane demands on workers when they organized the first coordinated strike against the company in the U.S.
  • While rural Vermont communities are grappling with the spread of chain dollar stores, residents of a small North Carolina county are resisting the construction of yet another dollar store in their community.  
  • An op-ed writer explores what the decline of an enterprising Manhattan hardware store says about the extractive strain of capitalism that has infected the American economy.
  • Frozen Junior Mints, real butter, and accurate start times are how one independent movie theatre owner works to compete against Netflix and the chains.

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