And Stacy Mitchell talks Amazon on The Nation's podcast.
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6 Ways to Rein In Today's Monopolies
Stacy Mitchell  |  Feb. 16, 2018

Photo: An activist dressed as the Monopoly Man.There's increasing concern about how growing monopoly power in our economy is behind some of our biggest problems, from widening inequality, to stagnating wages, to diminishing entrepreneurship and opportunity. But what can we do about it?

We have some ideas. In The Nation, ILSR's Stacy Mitchell outlines 6 strategies to take on today's monopolies. They include ideas like holding Congressional field hearings on the problem and enforcing our predatory pricing laws.

And, importantly, they feature examples of what citizens and cities are already doing locally to reverse economic concentration. 

"Scanning the country," Stacy writes, "it’s possible to trace the broad outlines of an anti-monopoly movement — one whose geography, it’s worth noting, suggests a latent potential to rearrange America’s divided electoral map."   

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Audio: Stacy Mitchell Talks Amazon on The Nation's Podcast
Feb. 22, 2018

Image: The Nation cover.In the new episode of The Nation's podcast, Stacy Mitchell is on to talk about her recent cover feature on Amazon in the magazine. The conversation covers the impacts of the company's growing dominance, and also looks at what policy tools can take it on.  Listen to the Episode 

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  • In Jersey City, a Policy Fosters Local Independent Businesses — In our feature story from December, ILSR's Olivia LaVecchia explored how Jersey City is using proactive policies in its increasingly popular downtown to limit the spread of chains and ensure that local businesses have space to grow. It's sparked follow-on coverage in major news outlets, so don't miss it! 

News Stories We’re Following
  • There's a surge of new interest in public banks, as advocates look at how city-owned banks could transform the way municipalities collect and spend their money.
  • In need of a grocery store, community members in West Oakland, Calif., founded their own food cooperative, and now it's expanding into a closing chain store next door.
  • When it comes to mega-subsidy deals, "If a fraction... went to nurturing small business opportunities, you'd have much better outcomes," says a state legislator in Wisconsin.
  • Thanks to a new accounting standard, the public finally has access to more information on how much local and state governments spend on tax incentives for companies — just in time to assess that data in light of the contest for Amazon's second headquarters.
  • Meanwhile, opposition to Amazon's second headquarters is growing in cities that are among the finalists. 
  • As part of The Nation's special issue on monopoly power, Sen. Elizabeth Warren sits down for a Q&A on power, big data, and how markets need fair competition in order to work.
  • A new poll finds that Americans are increasingly concerned that the government won't do enough to regulate big tech companies, with the concern up 15 percentage points in the past three months.
  • "Let's reflect on the tyranny of convenience," writes Tim Wu in the New York Times, and "try more often to resist its stupefying power."

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