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I am so proud of the work of our Independent Business Initiative and I hope that you are inspired by the update below and can support our efforts

Rep. Mary Gay ScanlonCongress’s public grilling of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and other Big Tech monopolists last month was a crucial milestone in ILSR’s years-long effort to rein in Amazon’s outsized power and influence. At one point in the hearing, Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon quoted from a new ILSR report as she confronted Bezos about Amazon’s predatory practices. Citing ILSR’s data, she grilled Bezos about the company’s unfair treatment of third-party sellers on its site, asking him why Amazon now takes 30% of each transaction, up from 19% five years ago.  

Bezos had no good answer for that, or for many other questions posed by the committee, many of which echoed the key arguments that ILSR and our allies have been pushing — i.e., tech giants like Amazon are a form of private government that is fundamentally at odds with democracy.

The hearing could not have gone better — and we could not have reached this critical turning point without your support.

ILSR has become the leading national voice helping people understand Amazon’s outsize power and impact. Since ILSR co-director Stacy Mitchell testified about Amazon before the antitrust subcommittee last year, ILSR’s Independent Business initiative has continued to press the case in media interviews, reports, and advocacy outreach with our allies, including many small business groups and the Athena coalition. 

In a few weeks, when the committee releases a final report that may call for regulating the tech giants’ behavior or splitting them up — or both — we’ll finally see a Congress that takes its oversight responsibilities seriously and stands up to the corporate giants that have amassed too much power over the lives of Americans. For far too long, policymakers — Republicans and Democrats alike — have abdicated responsibility and allowed monopolies to grow unfettered. The committee’s work is an inspiring example of how democracy can function and reassert authority over corporate power. 

In the days ahead, we will be working hard to make sure the report is strong, that it takes aim at the out of scale market power and influence that Amazon has amassed, and, crucially, that it leads to action.

We need your help to make that happen.

Can you contribute $100 today or sign up to give $5 or $10 per month to support our continued advocacy work?  

Thank you for being our ally in this effort, and please continue to stay healthy and safe.

John Bailey
ILSR Development Director

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