Here’s some of what your support helped us accomplish this past year:
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Hello, friends!

I want to thank you all for being dedicated readers and allies of ours in the fight for a more equitable, locally rooted, and democratic economy.  We couldn’t do what we do without you — and that’s why I’m writing.  We need your support as we head into 2018.

It’s been quite a year. The federal government is failing us — and yet, at the same time, many communities are pioneering terrific new ideas and policies that offer a better way forward.  Corporate power is at its most concentrated and ferocious — and yet, there are remarkable signs that the bigger-is-better ideology of the last 30 years may well be on its way out.

Image: Map of our work.Our team here at ILSR has been working hard to challenge this ideology through our in-depth research and national advocacy, while also working to identify and promote strategies that communities can adopt today to become more fair, vibrant, and prosperous places. See more about our work by clicking the map at the left.

Please help us go further in 2018 by making an end-of-year donation. Here’s some of what your support helped us accomplish this past year:
  • We played a pivotal role in galvanizing and informing a public discussion about Amazon’s reach and impact. Our report, Amazon’s Stranglehold, attracted over 40,000 readers in the last year. Image: Stacy Mitchell quote.And we’ve become a go-to source for journalists, who’ve included our research and perspective in more than 300 stories about Amazon.
  • We helped elected officials and others see how the erosion of good jobs and the decline of small businesses are interrelated problems, both stemming from concentrated power. This year, one of our reports exploring these links, Monopoly Power and the Decline of Small Business, attracted a surge of new readers when it received an award for antitrust scholarship. And last week we presented this analysis at a Congressional Briefing.
  • We provided tools that you can use, from our ever-expanding online library of research and policy models, to our popular policy brief, "8 Policy Strategies Cities Can Use to Support Local Businesses,” and our recent infographic, "The Ripple Effect When You Shop Local.”
  • We promoted these ideas to wider audiences than ever before. My colleague Olivia's groundbreaking Image: Olivia LaVecchia on what cities can do to keep rents affordable for local businesses led to invitations for her to speak at several conferences.  Meanwhile, our Building Local Power podcast is adding listeners by leaps and bounds.
  • One of my favorite events of the year was a workshop we helped organize at the National League of Cities conference. It brought together a panel of city leaders from Grand Rapids, Mich., Portland, Ore., and Phoenix to talk about successful economic strategies that, rather than furthering corporate power, achieve a bottom-up and inclusive expansion of local businesses.
  • We responded to nearly 100 requests for technical assistance from urban and rural communities around the country.
There’s a lot we want to do in 2018.  We want to create a policy guidebook and also an explainer on monopoly power. We want to respond to the growing requests coming in from citizens and policymakers seeing assistance. And we want to be more in touch with all of you.

But we need your help to do these things. Donations from individuals are a critical piece of our funding, and a piece that we need to expand this year in order to meet our budget. Please consider making a contribution now to support ILSR. No amount is too small, and your gift is tax-deductible.

Thank you again —and my best wishes for a joyful end of year,


P.S. — Our program is only one of the programs at ILSR working to build local power. Be sure to browse our 2017 Annual Report to see what else we’ve accomplished.


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