A new episode of Rep. Keith Ellison's podcast features Stacy Mitchell and Lina Khan talking Amazon. Plus, resolutions for local self-reliance in 2018.
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Listen: In New Podcast Episode, ILSR's Stacy Mitchell Talks Amazon and Inequality with Rep. Keith Ellison and Lina Khan
Dec. 19, 2017

Photo: Stacy Mitchell with Rep. Keith Ellison and Lina Khan.Taking on Amazon is a big subject. In this episode of Rep. Keith Ellison's podcast, "We the Podcast," ILSR's Stacy Mitchell and Lina Khan of Open Markets join Rep. Ellison to talk about how to do just that — and why we need to.

In the 30-minute episode, the three also discuss how Amazon is part of a trend of market concentration more broadly, and what that means for communities and for the middle class.  Listen to the Episode
The Rising Anti-Monopoly Movement: Episode 36 of the "Building Local Power" Podcast
Dec. 28, 2017

Image:Podcast logo.The latest episode of our podcast is all about monopoly power in the U.S. — and the movement that's growing to check it. In the episode, Stacy Mitchell joins two of our ILSR colleagues — Christopher Mitchell, who runs ILSR's broadband program, and John Farrell, who runs ILSR's energy program — to talk about corporate concentration in sectors across the economy, the impacts that it's having, and what to do about it.

"At some point, inevitably, the power of those corporations is so big that there's no way for public oversight to be effective at regulating them," Stacy says in the episode. "The solution has to be to disperse the power."   Listen to the Episode

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Resolutions for Local Self-Reliance and Ways to Connect with ILSR in 2018
Jan. 1, 2018

Image: ILSR resolutions.As we look ahead to 2018, we're making some resolutions for building local self-reliance in the new year. Some of our ideas are personal changes, like refinancing at a local bank or credit union. Others involve advocacy, like exploring what a publicly owed broadband network might look like in our communities.

We also want to work this year to stay more connected with everyone who follows our work. If you like this newsletter, you might also be interested in following us on social media, where we share updates on what we're working on, articles that are catching our eyes, and our perspectives on the issues we cover, like: We're excited to get to work in the year ahead, and we're hoping you'll join us!  Follow ILSR on Facebook | Follow Stacy on Twitter | Follow Olivia on Twitter

In Case You Missed It

Image: Report cover.Analysts are predicting more upheaval for brick-and-mortar retail in the year ahead. But while much focus has been on the fallout for major chain retailers, another part of the retail sector has been overlooked. According to a growing body of evidence, small independent retailers are proving more resilient and adept at navigating the difficult terrain than many of the large chains they compete with.
One takeaway is that, as cities think about their economic development, local stores are a better bet for the future than chains are.  Continue Reading 

One community that has embraced this thinking is Jersey City, which has taken proactive steps to ensure that its downtown has a strong mix of independent businesses.  Continue Reading 

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  • The small Alabama town of Cherokee had several local grocery stores in the 1970s, but chains replaced them. Now, the last chain has closed, leaving residents — along with one-third of the Alabama population — living in an area without a grocery store.
  • "There’s something a little obscene about always doing everything in the most efficient way and not thinking of the social cost and the ties that bind us," says author Noam Cohen on the "Recode Decode" podcast.
  • The French government is seeking an "unprecedented" fine against Amazon for saddling its third-party sellers with onerous, one-sided contracts. "They treat us like vulgar subordinates."
  • "As Amazon's dominance grows, suppliers are forced to play by its rules."

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